whenyoung Release ‘Magnificent’ Debut Album

whenyoung Release ‘Magnificent’ Debut Album

Release 24thMay via Virgin Records

London’s (via Limerick) indie songsmiths, whenyoung have released their highly anticipated debut album, Reasons to Dream, through Virgin EMI. You can check my previous interview prior to the release with them HERE.

After the band’s merging in 2016, fast forward to 2019 and the indie-pop darlings are releasing a debut album full of infectious melodies and making strong statements- both in their meaning and sound. The band bonded over cheap vodka and The Velvet Underground in their hometown of Limerick when they were young and swiftly moved to London to start their musical careers all working towards this moment.

This debut record included singles ‘Pretty Pure’ and ‘Never Let Go’ and features brand new tracks such as the mesmerising ‘Labour of Love’ and the reminiscent, ‘Blow Up the World’ based on a line by the French anti-war philosopher, Simone de Beauvoir. Obvious comparisons to Wolf Alice may linger with whenyoung due to the soft female led-vocals and similar visual presence however, this album does hold similar qualities to W.A’s Visions of a Life with it's immediate indie-pop anthems and catchy hooks. There are also hints of The Cranberries feeding through alternate tracks within the record, mainly through Aoife Power’s vocals.
Elsewhere in the record, the London trio demonstrate a grand ability to mix darker lyrical slant with dance rhythms. 'You’re Grand’ is a classic piece of pop masking lyrics about anxiety and insomnia- speaking to an audience who can relate.

‘In My Dreams’ is the stand out track for me personally on the album as the track is setting a modern bar for indie-pop and Power’s vocals demonstrate her impressive range and individual, stand-out voice. Combined with mesmerising backing vocals from Powers also, the track is a future indie anthem and one that is set for immediate radio play. The delivery of Reasons to Dream is exceptional. Everything has come together; the lyrics, the vocals, the production, the melodies. It’s rare to find a debut album that finally ticks all the boxes. Everything is magnificent.

The band explain that Reasons to Dream is a collective of experiences of live since they moved to London. They explain, “We've trundled through many jobs, flats, neighbourhoods and rehearsal rooms learning, practising, maturing and cultivating whatever it is we do along the way. We've gone from knowing nobody to making close friends, from finding it lonely to finding it welcoming.”
All in all, this album is pushing the bar for indie-pop and is one that I have had on repeat. The debut is exciting not only for the band but for fans alike. Basing an opinion on this album alone, the future seems bright for this trio and I for one can’t wait to see what they do next.

            Track listing 

1.    Pretty Pure
2.    Never Let Go
3.    The Others
4.    A Labour of Love
5.    You’re Grand
6.    Blow up the World
7.    Blank Walls
8.    Future
9.    In My Dreams
10.  Heartbroken
11.  Something Sweet


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