Standing in The Way of The Wholls

Standing in The Way of The Wholls

Bedford four-piece, The Wholls bring their rock ‘n’ roll energy to Heartbreakers, Southampton.
Formed by vocalist/guitarist Tordy Cocchiarella, guitarist/vocalist Santino Cocchiarella, bassist Joe Stevenson, and drummer Daniel De Feo, the group started at school, releasing EP Back to the Beehive 2012. With a sensual fleece over their sleazy rock personas, The Wholls are just full of surprises.

Vocalist, Cocchiarella possessed the night with his charisma, aesthetically pleasing performance and unapologetic ambition. His voice has a bold finish with the musical rhythms shifting between rock and hip-hop whilst the contemporary, raw vocals layered over the top add a modern touch.

One slight disappointment is in the form of their cover of, ‘Standing in The Way of Control’ by The Gossip. Despite the unnecessary guitar-solo presenting Cocchiarella as a bit of a show-off, the biggest disappointment was them not rinsing the inevitable pun and singing, “Standing in the way of The Wholls” (!!!!!!) With a plethora of puns just waiting to be pulled, The Wholls skimmed over them and decided to focus entirely on their sexy, rock-star personas. How incredibly rock ‘n’ Wholl of them. (Sorry).

The sound they are going for is perhaps the soundtrack to the best fuck you’ve ever had. But it more resembles the best snog you’ve ever had. There are moments of sexy rhythms, but the missing puns are enough to turn any girl off. However, after being dubbed by Radio 1, This Feeling and BBC Introducing as ones to keep a close eye on, it’s fair to say they are starting to live up to this expectation. It is the well-executed blends of sounds that give The Wholls their edge. Their ability to bring a new twist to the basic recipe of guitar music is welcomed with open arms.

They know how to put on a show and they are a Wholl lot of fun.

Image: Ant Adams


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