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Interview: Whenyoung

Interview: Whenyoung After supporting bands such as The Vaccines, Peace and Public Access T.V., I sit down with Ireland’s indie trio, WhenYoung for a quick-fire round of questions about when they were…well…young.
Earliest memory? Andrew: Swimming I think. Yeah, swimming in a pool when I was too young to be swimming in a pool and then being dragged out the pool and probably nearly drowning.
Niall: Being in a buggy and being given a bag of popcorn.
Aoife: I think my earliest memory is like from a photograph I have of my first birthday but I remember being there and there being like strawberries on a table. Most embarrassing moment? Andrew: Probably pissing myself.
Aoife: I don’t remember pissing myself
Andrew: Yeah, probably pissing myself at a sleepover
Niall: I did it at school when I was like 14
Aoife: I don’t know. I was always embarrassing myself! I was just like permanently embarrassed and like really shy. Celebrity crush? Andrew: One of the spice girls, probably Ginger Spice
Niall: Baby…

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