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Asylums Bend Genre Stereotypes with Alien Human Emotions

Asylums Bend Genre Stereotypes with Alien Human Emotions 4/5 For a band that have, though their previous record, thrived under the pretence of merging comic books and rock n roll whilst resembling extras of the IT Crowd, Asylums are back with an exquisite album name leading their millennial renovation with their new album, Alien Human Emotions out July 6th. Asylums seemed the sort of project that started out as an effervescent ball of youthful energy with the outcome being a tremendous debut album, however it has morphed into something altogether more intense and honestly, a lot groovier. Releasing the album on their own record label, Cool Thing Records the Essex four-piece are using the challenge of the “difficult second album” as a ramp to a higher place and are sitting there as a new, fresher alt-rock group. The band have changed fundamentally in the last two years, certainly older and potentially wiser showing an avalanche of maturity in this second album but with still a slight resi…

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