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'Romance' with Trampolene's Jack Jones

‘Romance’ with Trampolene’s Jack Jones

Jack Jones is not your standard musician. The man keeps himself busy by fronting Welsh rock band, Trampolene combined with him playing lead guitar in Pete Doherty’s newest venture, Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres. But Jones also takes his poetry as serious as his music. He professes he never dreamed of fronting a band; the writing he enjoys but the spotlight was never something he craved (which is hard to believe when you see him on stage) and being lead guitarist for Doherty gives him that outlet.
Jones and I get ushered into the green room at the Dublin Castle in London prior to Trampolene’s headline show with Mi7 Records. I say ‘green room’ but in reality it is a tiny storage cupboard painted green, harbouring just a single drum stool and barely fits the two of us in. “You take the stool,” I gesture. Jones refuses profusely and insists I take it whilst he plants himself on the floor up against the wall. I take the seat and it becomes clear t…

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