Mi7 Records: London’s Most Exciting Record Label

Mi7 Records: London’s Most Exciting Record Label
The Water Rats in London tonight is the home to Mi7’s latest and most wonderful showcases. Bringing bands from Southampton and LA, Mi7 pull out all the stops to show they are a label worth taking notice of. With acts such as Feverist, Trampolene and King Charles already in their books, London’s most exciting record label display their newest discoveries.
We are presented with Naked Elephant, the LA boys that are hitting all stereotypes of a band that’s in it for the good times. Waltzing around in fur coats, tall hats and pouring fizz into passer’s mouths, it is clear that Naked Elephant have their image well and truly sorted. The sound is something of a mix between Coldplay and Vampire Weekend, something that is bound to make radio pluggers wet and weak at the knees. The LA lads are beaming with creation and almost feel like a designer-brand band; one we perhaps shouldn’t touch. But the exposed outburst from their stage presence makes one feel like they are a band there to be viewed in awe and quite obviously one to party with. Their song, ‘Politics’ is the one that finally gets me moving. The crystallised precision and infectiously rhythmic beat makes it quite hard to not have a little move by the end of the set. With cosmic melody and a neon aura, Naked Elephant are ones that, no matter how hard you try, you can’t quite forget.
James Baxter sails in next. With his uniquely crafted lyrics and melancholy words melting through the three-part harmonies by Dan Mills and Marc Burford by his side, the set is a taunting yet a blissfully gorgeous way to spend the evening. Track, 'Auto Erotic’ has the crowd in complete silence. Baxter’s best trait is that his voice can single-handedly silence an entire room- and that’s exactly what he is doing tonight. People watch on in admiration and hang on his every word. The room is dictated by Baxter’s lips and the dynamic of the evening rests comfortably in his hand whilst he guides us through his precious song-writing ability. Closing track ‘Soap and Water’ is his most recent release and sees a handful of the room singing along proving that Baxter is already winning us over.
There’s nothing us Brits love more than listening to other’s despair and misery therefore, Baxter has us fascinated. And as Naked Elephant vocalist, Josh Royse so honestly put it throughout Baxter’s set, “this is so British”.
The Dead Freights are the final band tonight and prove that rock ‘n’ roll music is well and truly still alive. The four-piece have come from Southampton tonight, yet still have the crowd eating out their grubby hands and it is clear a lot of the room are here to see them. By incorporating perfect harmonies that are only comparable to that of Lennon and McCartney, the dynamic between the band is one that is rarely found these days. With impeccable time signatures from drummer, Louis Duarte and breath-taking bass playing from Robby Spencer, it’s clear that The Dead Freights are on to big things. The band are one you want to dance too yet one you don’t want to take your eyes off. It’s a complicated relationship but one that’s most definitely worth it.
After seeing how Mi7 have been singing the praises of these three acts, it comes as no shock when all three of them blow everyone away. With a bizarre yet tasteful combination of multiple genres tonight, it’s clear that these acts are bursting with talent and credibility making Mi7 one of the most interesting record labels today.
Link to Mi7 Records: https://www.facebook.com/Mi7RecordsUK/?ref=br_rs


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