Get Boozy With New FIDLAR Single- 'Alcohol'

Get Boozy With New FIDLAR Single- 'Alcohol'
“Fuck It Dog, Life’s A Risk”: The skater motto devised by FIDLAR front man Zac Carper and his previous flatmates before the band formed in 2009 and used the name. Coming from California, the five-piece have taken the one thing all humans have in common- a love for ‘Alcohol’. By using this as a basis for their new single, and by the looks of it their whole life, FIDLAR have spewed out an addictive song in tease of their third album that subsequently makes you want to get boozy.
With drugs and alcohol being the main muse for FIDLAR’s debut album and their second album Too, it seems the release of their new single, ‘Alcohol’ has shown that the third album may not venture too far away from their original stuff. The track is pure skater-rock and has a sound that kick-flips its way into rebirthing the original, scratchy sound found in their debut whilst perfectly replicating young, drunk anger. With sympathetic violence sneaking its way into every track of theirs so far, ‘Alcohol’ brings with it a higher sense of anger and harder edge.
With lyrics stating, I wake up in the morning and I'm loose, And I chew a couple pills and I hit the juice, And I feel okay and get the fuck out my way, And did you think I wanna hear what you have to say?” they show most lyrical similarity to track ‘Leave Me Alone’. However, with that in mind, the sound throws nudges towards the remastered sound of ‘The Punks Are Finally Taking Acid’.
For any die-hard FIDLAR fan, it is painful waiting for album three after the wonders that was Too. However, the spitting rage found in this new single can only get us excited for what’s to come. FIDLAR aren’t known for their life-changing lyrics or ground-breaking abilities; but what they are known for is starting any party off in the way it should. Nothing about FIDLAR is minimalistic. The outrageous, in-your-face collection continues to increase the anticipation for album three.
The countdown begins.


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