Flyte Live Review // Verdict: A Bit Boring

Verdict: A Bit Boring
Flyte seemed to thrive in the foundation of their musical career that can prove one of the toughest times for most bands. That time is when you have no album behind you and when you’re playing tracks to audiences who don’t know your songs. So, when their debut, The Loved Ones came out earlier this year, it came as no surprise when success and a tour soon followed.
The Dead Freights are the main support for the night and The Libertines is the initial impression. However, once you have dug deeper, the complex time changes and harmonies help them move closer to a sound comparable to The Beatles. The Southampton four-piece flourish their set with favourites such as, ‘Mama, I Won’t Waste Your Time’ and ‘BabyShake Blues’ highlighting the sound progression they’ve recently made before playing never heard before tracks. However, closing track, ‘I’ll Wait Up’ contained moments comparable to The Dandy Warhols and with a heavy backbone similar to QOTSA it proves a bright, grubby future is ahead for The Dead Freights.
After teasing an album for years with musical covers that all went viral, Flyte finally killed the suspense and released, The Loved Ones earlier this year and went on a UK tour. However, with high hopes and rightly so too, I can only say the set starts off underwhelming and not up to expectations. It could be due to the fact Flyte are completely absent until their set (which shows a serious lack of support for upcoming talent) or it could be due to the yawn-inducing stage presence from each member. However, the talent remains there nonetheless and the subtle nods to classic structures make most tracks a dream to listen too. Songs ‘Cathy Come Home’ and ‘Faithless’ close the night and show the majestic range of their vocals and the incredible playing ability from each member. However, the tickling chords played by front man, Will Taylor take the lime light as each other member just stands in their designated spot and let their talent do all the work.
What you see is what you get with Flyte. They are four gifted guys with exceptional voices and the ability to transform any basic chord combination into something beautiful with just their vocals. However, if you are after a mind-blowing show, or at least anything interesting to watch, I wouldn’t recommend you buy a ticket. It could be argued that the stage presence was humble and in fitting with their sound however, the only thing interesting was their vocal brilliance and if you’re up for something filled with a little more effort, I’d recommend you’d have left after the supports.



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