The New Faith Release New Single, 'Fritter Away'.

The New Faith Release New Single, ‘Fritter Away’
Think baritone vocals combined with the emotional state of Morrissey before being laced with horns, sax players and a string section. Weird, huh?
Well, Brighton seven-piece, The New Faith have splurged this mixture onto the un-expecting public and have released new single, ‘Fritter Away’. The video was previewed through Clash Music (18th August) and is set to be released 1st September with a debut album promised October 6th.
The warm melody featured on this track combined with an almost Nick Cave inspiration sets a melancholy tone with a promising hint of a bright future for this band. With literate, captivating songwriting at the source of the success of this song, combining it with a warm melody creates a Morrissey-esque sound to what could be a beautiful career for The New Faith.

Click to watch the video here:


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