Stormzy Sets Off The World's Smallest Violin

Stormzy’s Sets Off The World’s Smallest Violin
Let’s all put down our violins for Stormzy. The man who claimed NME were “sly and foul” for using his depression as a front-page topic without his permission, seems to have the whole world sobbing in the palm of his hands straight down to HMV before purchasing his album. Every time Facebook opens, the man’s face is on my screen. Stormzy’s at it again, causing controversy. It’s almost as if he has an album out to promote. Oh wait. He does.
Don’t get me wrong, I like Stormzy. I like his music and I think he looks like a cool guy. However, the grime star spoke about his battle with depression to Channel 4 News then decided to kick off when NME also printed it, helping him reach the wider audience he apparently desired? Talking about your mental illness takes guts. So, in that respect, I take my hat off to Stormzy and I don’t doubt his honesty. But although NME published his story without a direct interview, so did Vice, The Hook Mag and Clash Music.
Stormzy. Is. News.
Everyone knows that. So why is he making a fuss now and conveniently appearing on our front pages again?
When arguably the world’s biggest grime star opens-up on a topic that effects approximately 350 million people worldwide obviously, it’s going to be used as news in more than one publication. Everyone knows the drill. Average person walks on to X Factor. Nothing special. Average person walks on and has a sad story; the result is instant sales. Plus, let’s not forget, Stormzy’s depression chat was released in perfect timing with the BRIT’s and his album release. Round of applause for Stormzy please. And post his depression talk, the grime God has had seven tracks in the Official Chart and his Spotify hits increased. Another round of applause for Stormzy please.
I am not taking anything away from what he did. It took courage. It took an album release to finally say anything to a wide audience. But, for a man that said, “…anyone out there going through depression, I think for them to see I went through it would help”, I can’t help but question why he is so upset about getting more coverage from other publications when it would help him reach more people in need. Stormzy has no authority to pick and choose who publishes his depression story. And for a man who wanted to reach a wider audience, why is he bothered who prints it?
It seems Stormzy is stirring the publication pot, so to speak, whilst sitting back and watching his sales rocket.



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