Sleeptalking (+Posh Ellen +Deadhounds) 28.2.17

Sleeptalking (+Posh Ellen +Deadhounds) Talking Heads
It’s fair to say, a lot of Southampton missed a brilliant gig at The Talking Heads, Tuesday night. Sleeptalking were gracing the stage with support from local talent, Posh Ellen and Deadhounds. With a smaller crowd than deserved, the bands still managed to pull out something special.
On a school night, as well.
Rock ‘n’ roll.
Deadhounds were first support band. This 4-piece from Southampton are best described as the outcome of a Wytches, Royal Blood and Marilyn Manson orgy. With grunge twangs, a rocky backbone and a drumbeat guiding the songs into a tunnel of pure, rock witchcraft, those present managed to witness something pretty, damn special.
Posh Ellen were next and are a treasure to Southampton. The heavy hitting vocals accompanied the raw sound this 3-piece had perfected. If you were to combine your idea of authentic and exciting, Posh Ellen would be the outcome. With hints of Royal Blood in their songs mixed with the weightiness found in Deap Vally’s debut, Posh Ellen are one to watch.
Sleeptalking took to the stage and put on a show that made me feel for anyone who missed it. They kicked off their set with ‘Professional Dreamer’. The screeches that rode along the top of the gritty vocals were a perfect projection of the kind of set we were in for. The head banging tracks added a sense of glittery-grunge to the night; something that only a band from Bristol could execute so perfectly. Their stand out track was ‘Lazybones’ and was pretty hard not to have a dance too. The song was a sensual, sparkly twist on what is found in most bands today and the dreamy melody remained stuck in my head all night. Sleeptalking are simply the romantic remains of a Led Zepplin and Peace affair; plus, their weighty, glittery inputs are bound to captivate any audience.


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