Ultimate Lifeform 'Next 2 U' Single Review

Ultimate Lifeform- ‘Next 2 U’ // Single Review
With an impressive amount of releases under their belt, Ultimate Lifeform are back with new single ‘Next 2 U’ and big plans for two more albums this year.
With all their prior releases, Ultimate Lifeform have seemed to touch all bases and are renowned for covering ‘every genre under the sun’, as their Bandcamp bio self-proclaims. However, with new single set to be released 27th February (tomorrow), the DIY duo are taking us into the height of summer. The sleazy, dub backbone mixed with their overall lazy-pop makeup has enabled them to create a song determined to get people bobbing along in a stoned manner.
“I've never been one for doing the same thing twice,” states vocalist Robert Wilson, “I think each release has always been trying something new and pushing ourselves production wise. We really love so many genres of music; it’s a case of making whatever we're feeling at the time.”
Ultimate Lifeform have maintained their trademark sound with interesting track production backing their creative stretch; the earie almost sensual vocals are husked over the dub melody perfect for any sunny afternoon. “With Next 2 U I wanted something modern and dub heavy,” continues Wilson, “with the releases we have coming out this year we're pushing ourselves with the production levels, every release is raising the bar”.
In follow up to their debut album, This Star is Home, Ultimate Lifeform are working on releasing two albums this year. This shouldn’t be an issue for the Sussex duo as they claim to have 150 songs ready to release, proving their diversity that other bands only dream they could achieve. The two albums are teased to be 70’s glam inspired record and an instrumental, psychedelic funk album.
Strange? Yes.
Exciting? Definitely!

Ultimate Lifeform are doing something rare in upcoming bands today; they are pushing their creativity and experimenting with different genres whilst always creating new, fresh sounds. Let’s hope all the genres they cover are as successful as this dub-influenced track that’s out tomorrow.
Roll up a spliff and enjoy!
Download & listen to ‘Next 2 U’ here on the 27th February https://ultimatelifeform.bandcamp.com/album/next-2-u


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