Band of the Moment: Zuzu

Band of the Moment: Zuzu

Prepare to have your ears blown to perfected shreds.
‘Get Off’ is the explosive, scuzzy track from
Zuzu and is about to become your new favourite song.

From the age of just 7, Zuzu has been making music in Liverpool and is now signed to London label, Hand in Hive. She and her female-dominated band have released track, ‘Get Off’ which is single-handedly making an endearing, feminist stamp on our idea of what equality is. With hints of Courtney Barnett in Zuzu’s voice giving her that initial laid-back, punk attitude, she has then incorporated protesting guitar twangs on top of this loveable layer, increasing her rebellious outer shell. It really is a statement of a song with one hell of a relatable message.
What more could you want?
After supporting the likes of Hooton Tennis Club and Barnett herself on tours around the UK, it will come as no shock when you hear the spirited, fresh sound she is projecting. With a contagious melody combined with tantalising, indie riffs that will be stuck in your head for days, Zuzu (yes, that is her real name) is one hell of a force to be reckoned with.
The initial, chilled-out persona of the track is ironically faced with angsty, choppy guitar riffs that will be adored by teens everywhere, making for an invigorating blend. With Zuzu finishing the track with,
I don't know when it's gonna’ stop, boy, when you run your fucking mouth, yeah, you drive me crazy, I don't know where you get off” it’s clear that this song has a bigger motive.
She detailed in an interview,
Get Off’ is about not taking any shit from people trying to control you” and boy, is that message received loud and clear.The slight yelp at the end of ‘Get Off’ that demands to be heard, trailed by the conclusive, “Yeah, you drive me crazy, And I don't know what it is that you want me to do” is a simple two-fingers up at anyone who tells this strong woman what to do. It has become apparent by listening to her music on repeat for days and reading interviews, that she is not to be messed with; even her name screams woman of intention.

Zuzu’s strong persona is presented through an even stronger sound. With courageous melodies, straight to the point lyrics and a modern-twist on the traditional punk attitude, it’s evident that she has the power to brainwash us all into falling in love with her.

Zuzu is the name that will be known by all.


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