MC Lars (+Mega Ran +Koo Koo Kanga Roo +MC Chris) 03.12.16

MC Lars (+Mega Ran +Koo Koo Kanga Roo +mc chris) // Joiners Live Review

     With hip-hop artist, Mega Ran, kicking off the night in his true, funky style, the line-up was already promising to be an entertaining one. His brilliantly, fun songs had the crowd dancing along whilst he still managed to maintain a sense of cool-ness about him (which wouldn’t have been easy). Ending his set with party track, ‘Jump On It!’ by Sugarhill Gang, it set the audience into full on dance frenzy, in great preparation for what was about to follow.
Koo Koo Kanga Roo are an American, dance-pop group that are simply- bonkers. They flew energetically through their set filled with tracks such as, a protest song against crusts on bread and a track that had the whole room participating in a “Dinosaur Stomp”. It safe to say, this riled-up duo are the P.E. teachers you wish you had, who seem to permanently be on a full-frontal, sugar rush. Their set felt like a modern day, fitness class and had the entire room copying their full-speed routines, as I waited patiently for a surprise appearance from Louis Spence.
He didn’t turn up though.

     mc chris was next and certainly added a touch of cheap ‘humour’ to the night. With most adlibs or songs containing stories of “masturbation” or (ehem) “titties”, it did add a sense of almost vulgar immaturity to the evening- that wasn’t required. However, the crowd responded (surprisingly) positively to it. They all sang along to his track ‘Hoodie Ninja’ and seemed to get swept up into his cheap, sexual atmosphere. His rapping talent wasn’t too unbearable however, I was entirely put off by the topics he decided to rap about.
     MC Lars saved the night after that set. By maintaining the sense of care-free fun yet, not coming across immature, MC Lars really did bring a wave of fresh air to the room and his set was packed with complete energy and fun, educated raps.
Track ‘IGeneration’ was the predominant song of the night. However, the devoted fans, singing along were foreseeable as they funded his early campaign for The Zombie Dinosaur LP and without them- there would be no him. However, his set, and ‘IGeneration’ in particular, bought a sense of maturity to the night. With rare cussing (frequently overused as space-fillers by the less inventive rappers) and the knowledge of authors and literature being dispersed through a couple of his songs, it was clear that
MC Lars is not your usual, street-rapper.
My personal favourite track was ‘The Ballad Of Hans Moleman’ that got the audience chanting, “
Moleman, Hans Monleman, you can’t keep Hans Moleman down” and had them in stitches when he made the awaited, “Boo-urns” reference. Whilst having a childish topic, he still performed it to a mature level and didn’t cheapen it (which would have been the easier route to have gone down). MC Lars was fully respected Saturday night and clearly works hard at what he does.
He was fun, artistic, and a delight to watch; plus, he didn’t require easy, cheap approaches in order to obtain the dedicated fan base he clearly has already gathered. True, humble talent.


  1. It's "Hoodie Ninja" but I'm not disagreeing with your review at all. :P

    1. Thank you for pointing that error out! I can't say I listened to any of his stuff after so, no wonder I made the silly mistake.
      Really wasn't a fan of his at all.


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