The Wytches 'All Your Happy Life' // Album Review

The Wytches – All Your Happy Life // Album Review

            After The Wytches debut ‘Annabel Dream Reader’ was such a success amongst fans in 2014, it’s no wonder the anticipation for their follow up has been so phenomenal. ‘All Your Happy Life’ is out today and has been, evidently, produced by Jim Sclavunos (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds). The chilling guitar sounds and creepy vocals that gave The Wytches their original touch is still evident in this new album however, they have been mastered by each member giving The Wytches a much more mature sound.
            The album kicks off with ‘Intro’, which is a 60’s horror film, sounding introduction to the un-nerving ride we are about to be taken on by this outstanding band. They then slowly slip into pre-released track, ‘C-Side’ which is a declaration of how talented The Wytches are. The psychedelic guitar noises are layered over by an eerie organ creating nothing other than an unsettling vibe as Kristian’s perfected vocals reassure the induced nerves.
            The album continues with ‘Can’t Face It’. With its fast paced introduction and the consistent tempo, it creates a typical Wytches sound making it a delight to listen too. With a slight hint of The Doors coming across in the outro, the song is also the most similar to their debut. The twangy, early-grunge vibe coming from each member creates a nice breakup of the album before we are treated to the rest of the tracks. ‘A Feeling We Get’ is the petrifying, ballad style song that lingers next on this album. It’s a soothing track that projects the beauty that is present in Kristian’s vocals. His chilling ability to cause goose bumps with his voice alone is what makes this song such a stand out track on the album. The unsettling guitar riffs being layered over the sturdy drum beat makes for a beautiful song.
            ‘Throned’ is the disturbing song to follow. With the echoing drum beat being layered by the captivating riffs, Kristian gives a false sense of security by shouting the lyrics over the blissful melody. The distressing guitar solo eases us out the song as it comes to its lullaby end. ‘Ghost House’ is the track to follow and the best song (musically speaking) from the album. After hearing this song played live by The Wytches earlier this month and seeing how well the crowd responded to it, it’s no wonder how brilliant it sounds on the album. The chilling Nick Cave influence is slightly hinted at in this track and is a head banger from the start. It is their longest track on the album at 5 minutes and 34 seconds and what a relief that is.
This song is one that just shouldn’t end, ever.
Unfortunately, it does end however, it ends with a bang and the heavy, rock outro is a perfect way to end such a perfect song. ‘Bone Weary’ is the next track from ‘All Your Happy Life’ and the western style opening resembles that of ‘Wide at Midnight’ from their debut. The fast section towards the end of the song creates a busy atmosphere and the collaborative noise makes for a chaotic outro. ‘Crest of Death’ is an overwhelming short racket at it only being 1 minute and 58 seconds long. Kristian is shouting “crest of death!” over the dictating drum beat as the rest of the band create, what can only be described as, ‘perfected noise’, as we are dragged through this track.
            ‘A Dead Night Again’ is an unearthly, night-time grunge creation from The Wytches causing a weary atmosphere that is stand out from the rest of their frightening melodies. The grunge-packed chorus is a great representation of the new, developed sound they have obtained as a band. The next track, ‘Dumb-Fill’ is easily my favourite track on this album. The bluesy drum beat matched with the sad, grunge riffs have an obvious Nick Cave sound to them which is where
the input of Sclavunos is most evident. The elongated shrieking of a guitar throughout the outro, before the bluesy rhythm is re-introduced, creates an eerie feel and makes this track an obvious favourite of mine.
            The closing track on this unbelievable album is ‘Home’. The soothing beginning continues throughout the whole song and is an overall breath of relief after the bumpy ride ‘All Your Happy Life’ takes you on. “You’re taking me home but I want to know, where’s everyone gone?” is sung by Kristian over the easy-listening guitar as it drifts amongst the soothing drum beat.
            ‘Annabel Dream Reader’ was a difficult album to write a follow up to however, The Wytches have smashed it. By introducing their new member, Mark, it has allowed them to expand on their sound by creating a more mature, entrancing atmosphere within their incredible new album. With the combination of old-Wytches grunge twangs mixed with new, chilling Nick Cave inspired sounds, its apparent The Wytches are heading in the perfect direction as a band.

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