Mac DeMarco Releases ‘Lacklustre’ Fourth Album ‘Here Comes the Cowboy’

Mac DeMarco Releases ‘Lacklustre’ Fourth Album 
Here Comes the Cowboy’

Tomorrow (May 10th) Mac Demarco releases his fourth full-length album, Here Comes The Cowboy. This album takes place as debut release on his own record label and was tracked and mixed at DeMarco’s Jizz Jazz Studios in L.A early January of this year. Almost every instrument on the album was played by the man himself aside the keyboard on select tracks. Sounding good right? But I’ve always had a complicated relationship with DeMarco. Sometimes I find his work breath taking (i.e. Salad Days) and sometimes I find it extremely boring (i.e. this album).

As described by DeMarco, “This one is my cowboy record. Cowboy is a term of endearment to me, I use it often when referring to people in my life. Where I grew up there are many people that sincerely wear cowboy hats and do cowboy activities. These aren’t the people I’m referring to”. However, the 29 year old has been preparing for what seems a premediated repercussion after spending fuck all energy heightening expectations of this album. “I assumed this record would pop up, fly under the radar, maybe some people listen to it. I’m totally fine with that”he told Huck Magazine. Jheeze Mac, way to get us all excited. 

However, the lack of enthusiasm from the slacker rock musician seems predominantly corresponding to the lack of enthusiasm I have for this record. The tracks are boring to say the least. The record is significantly slower paced than his back catalogue (disregarding attempts such as ‘Choo Choo’) and feels like DeMarco is trudging his way through another record. By slowing things down it could be suggested that the music has become more cathartic however, it proved an effort to listen too once let alone twice. He has attempted some more experimental stuff and some weirder ventures, including track ‘Choo Choo’ that bring some lift to Here Comes the Cowboy however, I don’t think it’s enough to save the album.

In fairness to him, he does keep his releases consistent in terms of timing. By going by his Spotify, he has released music every year since 2013 and that drive can be rare in artists. Yet, I’m sure fans would have rather waited a little longer for something better than the release coming their way tomorrow. Of course the album is littered with his trademark stoner sounds and qwirky approaches however, it seems that the musician is sort of coasting along on them and not really doing anything else? 

Track ‘Finally Alone’ is the only one I can really cope with on a small level. He pushes his vocals and the dreamy approach gives it the DeMarco edge that I enjoy in earlier albums. However, when he attempts a vocal push of “Yeaah, honey you’re finally alone” it brings back a realisation of how lacklustre this album is. I understand that the experimental, stoner, slacker edge is what helps set DeMarco apart from others and it is an underdog character that I am always willing to support. However, this album just seems lazy. Not stoner-lazy. Just plain lazy.

As DeMarco also stated in his interview with Huck magazine, “I’m in a place right now where I just don’t care” and boy, does it show in his latest piece of work. C’mon Mac, you’re better than this.

Track listing:

     1.Here Comes The Cowboy
2. Nobody
3. Finally Alone
4. Little Dogs March
5. Preoccupied
6. Choo Choo
7. K
8. Heart to Heart
9. Hey Cowgirl
10. On the Square
11. All of Our Yesterdays
12. Skyless Moon
13. Baby Bye Bye


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