Little Thief Live Review/ Winchester

Little Thief 
Live Review/ Winchester

Hailing from Bristol, three-piece rock band Little Thief grace us with their almighty presence this evening in Winchester. Seeing a band so talented and striking on such a small stage in such a small venue feels more than a luxury and is something that I feel could have easily been taken for granted.

Treating us to previews of their debut album (hopefully to be released at the end of this year), Little Thief show their darker side and the direction their new album will be heading in. With gritty guitar and striking vocals, the band replicate sounds of QOTSA with hints of The Raconteurs. However, the creative drumming from Rhii Williams is the real show stopping element. The creativity behind the tempo and changes keep the songs on their toes and give them the creative flare that helps Little Thief’s tracks stand out from your average rock band.

The Bristolian outfit were originally a two-piece in the past, obviously getting multiple comparisons to The White Stripes due to possessing a female drummer (uh, lazy journalism) however, in the last two years they have introduced bassist, Paul Hopkins. The groove behind not only his pace but his stage presence adds a rhythmic flare that contrasts well against frontman Charlie Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald’s vocals are comparable to the satisfaction you gain when you drink a nice cold pint with the perfect amount of head on a Summer’s day; tasteful, mesmerising and much needed. This combined with the backing vocals from Williams make for an even better pairing and a flawless arrangement.

Catch Little Thief on tour HERE


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