Tenderlore: Live Review (The 1865)

Tenderlore: Live Review (The 1865)
Following the release of their second album, Ty Crwn earlier this year, Southampton three-piece Tenderlore play their headline show accompanied by the serene setting in The 1865 and their band. With candlelit tables, red wine and a smooth atmosphere, the band begin their set with track, ‘I Wait for You’ showing similarities to that found in album Paul Simon's, Graceland. The three individual songwriters combine their gentle tones and techniques together and it makes for a vibrant yet velvety start.
Their sound is a unification of three individual talents combining as one and their gift is expressed throughout not only their wonderful song writing, but their impeccable three-part harmonies. With influences shining through such as Fleet Foxes and Simon & Garfunkel, their sound is brilliant folk-pop that is one of a kind.
A perfect break-up of the set was their cover of ‘Because’ by The Beatles. Performing the song just with three vocalists Olly Lewis, Hayley McDonnell and Rob Kitney it is a true representation of Tenderlore's undeniable vocal talent.

You can listen to the album Ty Crwn HERE 

Image : Brandon Otto Photography 


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