‘Rhinoceros’- Calva Louise Release Debut Album

‘Rhinoceros’- Calva Louise Release Debut Album
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‘Bubble-gum garage rock’ seems a rather longwinded, opposing way to describe Calva Louise’s debut album, Rhinoceros. Obviously, the ‘Bubble-gum’ bit here has been nabbed from the genre ‘Bubble-gum Pop’. The definition of that includes the audience appeal to pre-teens and teenagers originally in late 60s/early 70s, using normally unknown singers and the idea that the song is driven entirely for sales.
In Calva Louise’s debut, the ‘bubble-gum’ bit includes only the aspects of teenage audience appeal, singalong choruses and a contrived innocence. The grunge part is self-explanatory.
The London trio are presenting us with a fizzy explosion of different styles. With some gloriously sweet pop moments knocked over with some punk elbowing its way through, the trio have created an exciting sound. Produced by Margo Broom (Fat White Family, Goat Girl) and mixed by Tom Longworth (Catholic Action, The Vryll Society), the band have received airwaves support from BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens and Abbie McCarthy and BBC Radio 4’s Front Row to mention only a few.
Upon listening to the album, tracks such as ‘Outrageous’ and ‘Cruel Girl’ instantly filled me with a sudden burst of teenage angst and inspired me to smash up my bedroom (not that it would make any difference to the state of it at the moment). The trio have perfectly captured that teenage rebellion that could act as a soundtrack to any beautiful mess, and have honed the craft of injecting it into others whilst leaving a trail of destruction behind them.
Discussing the release, the three-piece stated: “Our debut album is called Rhinoceros, in reference to a particular aspect of the work of Eugéne lonesco. In the lyrics of these ten songs we show our perception as young people, partly foreigners, who try to fit in and belong to something and somewhere in this globalized world. However, we have realised that our greatest motivation is the challenge of adventure, of penetrating into the unknown, and being authentic allows us to feel free to follow our own path, without ceasing to belong to this world, which is the reality”.
Hailing a resemblance to The Big Moon, Gaffa Tape Sandy and BlackWaters, Calva Louise have well and truly made their debut stamp in the world of music. When I was first played their single, ‘Getting Closer’ a while back, I couldn’t wait for the debut album to follow. And, I’ll tell you, it was worth the wait.

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