The Blinders Return to Southampton / Live Review

The Blinders Return to Southampton / Live Review
Following the success of their last Southampton show at The Joiners (you can check my review here and interview with them here), Doncaster-trio, The Blinders return to the city for a night of grunge at Heartbreakers.
Along to the sold-out show The Blinders bring with them Moses and White Room as support. To say White Room almost steal the show is incredibly true. Their captivating live performance that is injected with colour and sass makes them an unforgettable band. The majestic blood pumping through them gives a quirky edge like no other. Vocalist, Jake Smallwood gives a tame-Iggy Pop impression whilst also possessing similar qualities of Chilli Jesson from Palma Violets. The vocals in their latest single, ‘Shoot’ reminds me of David Bowie whilst the song itself bears resemblance to many influences such as The Beatles, Peace and a slight nod to The Horrors. I cannot recommend them enough.
The Blinders are on next and before coming to the stage it seems everything technical goes wrong, resulting in a delayed performance. However, the band come on when ready and get straight in to what they do best. The success of their debut album, Columbia is a reliable source when predicting that this show is going to be a good one. A punk aura pulsates throughout this trio as the weighty riffs and bass heavy tracks torment the audience. Vocalist Tom Haywood comes dressed in warpaint ready for battle as the psych-grunge begins. Influences such as Nick Cave, The Wytches and Drenge are noticeable but the band bring a potent twist fuelling the frenzy that the crown immerse themselves in. The Blinders are well and truly deserving of the hype that surrounds them and their incredible live reputation. After seeing them a couple times it is noticeable that the great aspects of the band have remained constant and it could be said that the only thing changing for this band will be the size of the venues they play in.
Check their new album here
Photography Alan Wells


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