Rocky Relationships, Organised Religions and Why The Sherlocks Are ‘Utter Drivel’.

Rocky Relationships, Organised Religions and Why The Sherlocks Are ‘Utter Drivel’.
Interview with False Heads

As I sit above Heartbreakers in Southampton, London rock ‘n’ roll three-piece, False Heads are laughing at the fact their name on the set times has been incorrectly written as ‘False Head’. “That’s a shit name” they all concur as we being to start discussing bands with shit names before getting to our interview where we discuss their rocky relationship with record label, 25 Hour Convenience Store, their rather strong thoughts on The Sherlocks and what’s on the horizon in regards to a new album.
Luke, you compared the UK’s political state to an ‘organised religion’, is this something that drives you when you write your songs?
L- Yes and no. Some are. I’d say 50% of the lyrics are personal experience and 50% are like more general, broader experience. But then they cross over because obviously what’s going on around you is gonna effect you personally as well. But yeah, it’s quite depressing how it’s kinda the culture of how we interact with each other on a political level now. There’s no real room for debate or conversation or anything and I… well it clearly… more and more people when I say shit like that, some people get pissed off and think people are cunts but a lot of people are like, ‘I agree with you’. We got interviewed by someone and she said how you can’t even have a fucking opinion without being fucking hated for it. When you have just a slight disagreement on something um, I suppose yeah, it is like an organised religion. So it does drive a lot of lyrics and we should change really. The world’s so fucked up. I wouldn’t say that we’re really a political band, it’s just something that pisses me off. I don’t think I’d write about it too personally to be honest. I wouldn’t say you could go, “oh there’s a lyric that’s definitely about politics or whatever”. I prefer personally to do it in a bit more of a subtle way as I think that’s how we should be thinking a bit more. I think we should be dealing with them a bit more subtly.
You also mentioned “indie music is the enemy” and said The Sherlocks are “utter drivel”.
D- That still stands! (laughs)
Do you regret saying that?
L- The Sherlocks are awful. I don’t know how they’ve got away with… yeah. We were good friends with people that we were involved with the stuff that went on and it all 100% happened.
D- And then they’re with Virgin.
L- The lead singer (and I don’t wanna say too much as I don’t want to start shit), but he literally put the messages from that girl on Facebook saying, “this is her saying what fucking happened” and the press let them fucking get away with it! And considering we live in this world where you can be fucking destroyed over anything online, how the fuck that got kicked under the rug I don’t know! Their morals are fucking disgusting. But the music they make is so inoffensive it’s offensive and it’s like…
D- It’s dreadful
L- It’s like pop music, I hate it but that’s what it’s there for.
D- It serves a purpose
L- That’s what it is. It sort of is the enemy but band’s like The Sherlocks are more the enemy because they’re meant to be alternative bands and they are just as shit as those pop bands. Indie pop bands that keep getting called rock bands – what the fuck? Just stop calling them that! They’re not. They keep saying “rock ‘n’ roll is dying, rock ‘n’ roll is dying”, well maybe it wouldn’t be if you actually wrote about a rock band instead of indie pop bands.
D- Almost every single band we’ve played with on this tour have been pretty heavy. But yeah, it’s a massive shame that they’re branding shitty indie pop bands as being rock bands and that’s where it’s getting lost. They’re supposed to be- supposedly- saviours of rock ‘n’ roll and this generation of guitar music. They’re not gonna be. The 1975 as well. He calls himself the voice of a fucking generation, well he don’t speak for me mate. No way.
L- That sort of shit, I just wanna wipe that shit off the face of the planet. There are more bands capable of doing it…
D_ And deserve to do it as well!
L- Yeah, like work their bollocks off!
D- Way harder!
L- And aren’t mega rich. Like, I mean, fucking two of his parents are celebrities. For fuck sake…Matt Heeley- fuck that guy!
L- Yeah, rich Daddy bands. You get a lot of them.

You mentioned in an interview with Northern Exposure that you had some real deep shit with a label that nearly ruined you, which label was it? And what can you tell me about it?

L- Just our advice is to get a lawyer, be careful with what you do, be patient finding your team and don't just rush into anything. We released some things through a label, that is pretty common knowledge. The label didn't set out to cause us or anyone problems, it just happened, it can just happen when there isn't a good team around you. Gary Powell is a great guy who had great intentions and we didn't fall out with him at all and it's not a huge deal, things happen. We went our separate ways but some people around him in charge (underneath him) caused us a lot of problems, and a lot of stress and it was just best for us to get out because we didn't feel like we could continue. We also had a certain manager that defined everything wrong with the industry, but I don't think we have to talk about him because he isn't going to amount to anything. It happens, bands go through stuff and things change, we're on the right path now and we're positive.

You've got a few EPs out, what's on the horizon regarding an album?

L-Yeah, we've just released our second EP so it's probably time for an album. We've had a rough few years in some regards, we've had terrible people around us, some cretins and morons, but now everyone in our team is incredible and we're all extremely positive. Once you have the right team, it's time for an album. We need to finish some songs and then we're going to head into the studio late this year, early next year. 

What can you tell me about the album?

L- It will have some old songs on it and it will have some new songs on it. We've started demoing it already, so we know roughly what's going to go on it, but we want to pick 15 tracks out of around 20/25, record them and then pick 12. That's the idea and we're all on board with it. It will be an evolution of the band over the last few years and we want it to represent that. We want the really heavy shit on there and the more delicate stuff too. We can't wait to get cracking. It will be out late 2019 (everything going according to plan).


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