Interview: Whenyoung

Interview: Whenyoung
After supporting bands such as The Vaccines, Peace and Public Access T.V., I sit down with Ireland’s indie trio, WhenYoung for a quick-fire round of questions about when they were…well…young.

Earliest memory?
Andrew: Swimming I think. Yeah, swimming in a pool when I was too young to be swimming in a pool and then being dragged out the pool and probably nearly drowning.
Niall: Being in a buggy and being given a bag of popcorn.
Aoife: I think my earliest memory is like from a photograph I have of my first birthday but I remember being there and there being like strawberries on a table.
Most embarrassing moment?
Andrew: Probably pissing myself.
Aoife: I don’t remember pissing myself
Andrew: Yeah, probably pissing myself at a sleepover
Niall: I did it at school when I was like 14
Aoife: I don’t know. I was always embarrassing myself! I was just like permanently embarrassed and like really shy.
Celebrity crush?
Andrew: One of the spice girls, probably Ginger Spice
Niall: Baby Spice
Aoife: Ashton Kutcher
First time you got drunk?
Andrew: It was a French exchange, I think I was 14.
Aoife: Mine was in Limerick. I was probably younger than that. I can’t really remember as I was always stealing my parents alcohol and drinking on my own.
Andrew: On your own?
No wonder you were so embarrassed growing up!
Andrew: It’s because you were always drunk! *laughs*
Niall: It was the shame!
Aoife: I remember getting drunk and running into a bush. We were having drunk races into a bush.
Best Christmas present you ever received?
Andrew: Oh, swear to god, I’m wearing it now. It’s a ring that’s also a bottle opener. Cost about £5.
Aoife: Guitar. Electric guitar. And Almost Famous DVD.
Niall: CDs when CDs were a thing. Craig David, I got that one. That was really good.
Worst Christmas present you ever received?
Niall: Craig David CD *laugh*
Andrew: I remember actually, we had Christmas at my grandparent’s house and they weren’t really used to having kids for Christmas and I got one of those Nerf balls. You throw it and it whistles.
Niall: I’m going to speak on behalf of one of our friends. He got a dehumidifier from his Dad.
Aoife: Probably bad slippers.
Ever been arrested?
Andrew: Yupp
Niall: Um, no?
Aoife: No
Favourite band whilst growing up?
Andrew: The Cars
Niall: Like, Five when I was really small. When I was a teenager it was The Libertines.
Aoife: Neil Young or The Kinks.
Andrew: Ah, the alcoholic with a bottle of Whiskey and Neil Young.
Role model?
Andrew: Probably a footballer. Probably Jason McAteer
Niall: Steve Stauntan
Aoife: People from the 60s/70s. Like Marianna Faithfull or Stevie Nicks
Childhood fear?
Andrew: I was really scared of, you know when your teeth fall out and it’s almost fallen out but it’s kinda hanging on a bit.
Niall: People
Aoife: I was thinking that too! I was terrified of school. I hated school. I used to get sick every Sunday night.
Niall: Probably because you were hungover.
First kiss?
Andrew: I was a bit of a loser. I was like 15 and it was Emily Duffy, I think.
Niall: Aoife Walsh when I was maybe 12. But I think I can remember kissing girls when I was 4.
Aoife: I was like 12.
Favourite memory?
Andrew: Probably flying in a plane for the first time and getting like, you know, when you get like proper in-flight food and there was a movie on it.
Niall: I don’t know, being 15 and seeing The Strokes maybe.
Aoife: Going on holiday with my parents when I was younger.
First record you ever bought?
Andrew: I think it was something like Get Rich or Die trying by 50 Cent.
Aoife: I can’t remember. I didn’t buy any of my own. My sister bought them and I just used to take them off her. Maybe a few singles, AM to PM
Niall: Christina Milian?
Aoife: Or that Irish band, Six
Niall: I think I got Spice World on tape. Their second record. I love the bass on it.
Did you ever steal anything as a kid?
Aoife: Nail varnish, umbrellas,
Andrew: CDs. Stole plenty of CDs
Aoife: Jellies
Like, actual wobbly jelly?
Andrew: No! Sweets!
Niall: I think I was a bit of a loser. I can’t remember stealing anything.

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