The Blinders Release Debut Album ‘Columbia’

The Blinders Release Debut Album ‘Columbia’
The Blinders are a band whose name has lingered around for sometime now dragging with it a reputation of ferocious shows, loud noises and a lack of control when it comes to leaving their political stamp.
Tomorrow the Manchester trio release their debut album, Columbia and it is everything we could have expected. Album opened, ‘Gotta Get Through’ is a perfect taster of what the album has to offer and has received enormous support from Radio 6. With diverse influences ranging from The Smiths to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds to Kanye West, the trio display a ferocious intelligence within their music as well as being influenced by history and literature.
Track, ‘I Cant Breathe Blues’ has got to be the most harrowing song dominating the track listing. Written about the death of Eric Garner, the band have removed the recording of the death of Garner from the original version they had on their Spotify. Perhaps this was a label choice, perhaps not. Either way the harrowing shudder remains throughout the song whilst the track style itself resembles that of early Wytches. With immediate showcases in each song proving that the in-your-face style is one The Blinders have mastered, it can’t go unmentioned that ‘L Etat Cest Moi’ is an unapologetic remark at the establishment, skilfully commanded by Charlie McGough’s officious bass.
This powerful trio have delivered an explosive album that is far too misbehaved to be categorised. With switching time signatures, wide ranges of influences and a lack of restrain, this debut promises to be beginning of a very successful career for The Blinders.

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