‘Pick a Pocket Or Two’ Album Review

‘Pick a Pocket Or Two’ Album Review
Indie rockers, Trampolene Release New Album

Following the success of their debut album, Swansea to Hornsey Welsh-trio Trampolene release their 28-track compilation album, Pick a Pocket or Two through Mi7 Records. The songs are a range picked from the band’s ‘pocket albums’ and showcase the band’s plethora of indie substance.
Trampolene divide their album in two, labelling it ‘Loud’ and ‘Quiet’ which splits the bangers from the poetry, the dancing from the conversation and quite literally the ‘loud’ from the ‘quiet’. This time the band have let their fans decided which sound they want to hear by splitting it down the middle. As chameleon as ever, Trampolene infuse us with their own heavy tracks and have throw in some spoken word (given the stamp of approval from Cooper-Clarke) and also allow us to indulge in some pretty bold covers. They have an attractive approach to their sound making them in turn quite likeable as they sound like a combination of all your favourite, 90s grunge bands. By showcasing their loud talent and sitting it next to their equally as pleasing stripped-back tracks, it shows that this Welsh trio have some musical talent behind them.
Album opener, ‘It’s Not Rock and Roll’ is a terrific starting point. With the raw energy emitting through, it is a perfect microcosm of what to expect at a Trampolene show. ‘My Bourgeoise Girl’ is the stand-out track on the record. It’s dirty and shows a sexy side to the album whilst Jones sings about his ‘Bourgeoise girl’ and her materialistic values.
As much as I love it, I hate all the bullshit/ Yeah she’s married, but not in a relationship/ Her brother’s moustache just gave me whiplash/ As he skins up a bifter, I stand up and whisper ‘I just fucked your sister’” gloats Jones over the heavy drums and guitar that show loose similarities to Miles Kane’s second album, Don’t Forget Who You Are.
CD 2 shows Jones become a bit of a heartthrob as he shows his soft side by boldly covering, ‘Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want’. The soft lyrics seem made for his delicate voice that seems like it belongs to someone completely different to the man who was singing about “fucking sisters” only a moment ago. However, the stripped-back, conventional approach works as CD 2 is also greeted by Jones’ poems including, ‘To Be a Libertine’. Mixing music with spoken word is a bold move and whether it should be done more often in the music industry- I don’t know. However, Trampolene are proving that poetry and rock 'n' roll are still a great combination. By giving fans and new listeners a CD to lose their shit too and then a second one to sit back and smoke to, it’s no wonder Trampolene are being labelled “the saviours of indie guitar music” by The Guardian.

Photo: Lee Thomas


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