“It’s About Indulging in Lust” The Luka State Release New Single, ‘Bury Me’.

“It’s About Indulging in Lust”
The Luka State Release New Single, ‘Bury Me’.

A spirited tone illuminates the newest single from indie punk rockers The Luka State.
‘Bury Me’ is the recent track from the Cheshire four-piece and is out now through Saltown Records. Produced by Jamie Evans and mixed by Alan Moulder (Arctic Monkeys, QOTSA, U2) this track, contaminated with feral angst, is loud and controlling and everything that a good punk song should be.
The assault of big riffs and courageous vocals proves that vocalist Conrad Ellis’ point about the song’s heritage, “it’s about indulging in lust. I think it should be celebrated and not a taboo subject” is something they are not afraid to scream about. This thrilling song about the birds and bees and primal urges down the local is designed to lure you down to any show these Cheshire boys put on.
With the video filmed at Winsford Youth Club, it will come as no surprise when the footage shows people’s bodies thrashing into one another in a compact venue as Ellis screams from a sweat filled stage, “bury me under your body, baby”. The ill-mannered rhythm section and daring bursts of aggressive anguish fuel this high-energy rock song and the hype that surrounds it.
With Ellis stating, “our town breeds boredom and despair” it’s safe to say that there is nothing boring about this band. Buy the new single here 

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Watch their recent Guerrilla Gig in Old Compton Street here 


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