A Decade of Boomtown: Get Involved

A Decade of Boomtown: Get Involved

As the 9th of August skanks its way towards us once again, Boomtown and the promise of the best weekend of your life is just around the corner and it’s about to celebrate it’s 10th Birthday! How can you get involved? 

As per, the festival tickets sold at a rapid pace earlier this year in February, meaning the last hopefuls wanting to gain festival access had to wait for that all-important resale link. With the standard festival tickets then selling out in under ONE MINUTE, it leaves the last few spaces in the festival to those who want to purchase tier traveller packages and that wonderful Wednesday entry ticket.

Wednesday entry you say? Yes, this year the festival is opening its majestic gates a day early to those with that golden ticket. To reduce congestion on the roads and the festival gates themselves (how thoughtful), Boomtown have decided to open up a DAY early. On that Wednesday you can take advantage of limited food stalls and some music around the site including Mungo’s Hi Fi.

As if the Wednesday opening isn’t enough to excite festival goers, this year on top of the resale, Boomtown have Boomtown Springs tickets available. This allows the ticket holders to be up close and personal with the brand new experimental immersive camping experience with Boomtown stating, “We know, it doesn’t sound like it makes much sense, it probably doesn’t but it will be fun!”

So, to celebrate their 10th birthday, it is clear that Boomtown are pulling out all the stocks for this immense weekend. With acts including Gorillaz, Limp Bizkit and Sleaford Mods, this year promises to be the best one yet. As Boomtown state, they are going to put on a show the only way they know how, “which is by putting on a massive party”.

Prepare to have your mind moulded and your concept of reality warped as you enter the gates to your new favourite city.

See you there, comrades x

Top Image: Dereck Bremner
Second Image: Sam Neill
Third Image: Scott Salt


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