Sunflower Bean Sit Comfortably in Indie Rock Memory

Sunflower Bean Sit Comfortably in Indie Rock Memory
Born, bread and buttered in the Brooklyn music scene, Sunflower Bean are one of the more mysterious bands to come from there. Born out of a frustration with “shoegaze, post-rock and weirdo noise bands who took everything so seriously” (, the band are shaking up the industry they loathe with their debut album, Human Ceremony. The psych pop record draw upon stimuli such as The Velvet Underground and range towards Black Sabbath whilst clambering up the ranks with their stylish debut. Despite nothing astonishingly new being brought to the table, the band shadow a similar sound to Public Access T.V. that is which is underwhelming. However, with the addictive riffs and catchy hooks they avoid all gimmicks and swim amongst youthful innocence. Subsequently, the initial inspiration for the album show hints of them avoiding all age-related expectations.
Despite the Brooklyn three-piece not evidently weaving their own musical trail just yet surprisingly, the sound found is still something sweetly unique. With a volley of colourful sounds giving a taste of sophistication and fondness towards the band, it creates a beautifully draped Sunflower Bean coat warming their image. After being a band for two years prior to this release and playing shows all over the UK building up their fan base, their DIY aesthetic retains its own tasteful identity.
Whilst this debut may not go down in indie rock history, it won’t go unnoticed in indie rock recollection.


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