Get Sciencey With We Are Scientists

Get Sciencey With We Are Scientists
Before the highly anticipated release of their 6th studio album, I caught up with American-rockers Keith Murray and Chris Cain from We Are Scientists to talk aliens, black holes and well, everything science.
Right, question one, are you real scientists?
C- We like to think that we have- through years of experimentation- got music down to a science
K- *laughs* so, yeah!
You met over a love for stand-up comedy. Who’s the funniest?
C- Ricky Gervais
What about between you two?
K- His nickname for me is Ricky Gervais
C- Yeah, I was referring to Keith
You are about to release your 6th album. The Smiths never released six albums. Does that make you scientifically better than The Smiths?
C- Yes
K- If maths can be considered a science, which is controversial, then yes.
Did you guys do well at science at school?
C- We were the best
K- We were the two best. Literally, we were one and two
C- Until we met each other in our third year of university we were both accustomed to being the best. Then we had to share the title and realise ‘someone else is as good at science as I’
I’m going to give you guys exactly one minute and I want to see who can come up with the best scientific invention and the winner gets the title of ‘The Ultimate Scientist of We Are Scientists’
C- I’ve already got mine and I’ve won
K- Let’s just hear yours
C- A pair of shoes that you can store a Granola Bar in
That doesn’t count as in England we have shoes that you can store a small toy in
C- Shit!
K- A granola bar is NOT a toy! Look, I’m in this competition against him and will defend my opponent. You cannot store a granola bar in a toy slotted shoe.
C- Here’s the important distinction, *long pause* you cannot eat a toy
K- That is important
Would you actually want to eat a Granola Bar that’s been in the bottom a shoe?
C- Look, it’s stored in the top. Who’s the inventor here?
K- You don’t understand the first thing about this product
What would you guys consider the greatest invention ever?
K- A cashew!
The nut?
K- Yes, the nut
That’s not an invention
C- It was invented by millions of years on evolution
What’s your favourite then Chris?
C- The albatross
Do you guys think we are alone in the universe?
K- No, there are ducks, frogs, insect life in bounds
C- You mean off planet, right? I don’t know its pretty curious that we haven’t encountered anything yet
K- Our life span is utterly meaningless
C- It’s microscopic. Here’s the interesting counter argument to that open idea. Let’s assume there must be alien life, we can also sort of statistically assume that there are civilisations much more advance than ours that can reach us and haven’t. There are two possibilities that could explain this. One, which I don’t think makes much sense, is that they are hiding in a Star Trek like active way. Which seems kind of silly (also, we get it from Star Trek). The other is that the advance civilisations destroy themselves, which does seem more plausible given the experience we are having.
You’ve thought about this haven’t you?
C- No.
Which concept do you find scarier- the idea that there is alien life out there or that we are all alone in the universe?
K- Neither seems particularly frightening to me. I’ll embrace both.
C- You’re prepared for whichever way it plans out?
K- Either way, I know I’m gonna end up on top.
Given the choice, what would you guys like to be at the bottom of a black hole?
C- Do scientists refer to it as the bottom? I don’t think that sounds a pleasant place.
K- It’s a resting place for terror.
C- It’s lightless right? It has sucked all the light out. Oh wait, I can pick what’s at the bottom? I missed your initial question.
K- Black liquorice and a screening of Black Panther.
C- Ferbies!
K- Huh?
Are they still a thing?
C- Well, they’re not that popular on Earth, but at the bottom of a black hole…
Sales are rocketing?
C- Exactly
If you guys could time travel, where would you go?
C- Ha! She says “if”!
K- Italy! Tuskany is gorgeous….anytime of year!
C- But it’s so expensive.
K- I’d prefer the Spring. Yeah, I’d go this Spring.
C- I’d bring a promissory note from the bank or something and go back to the 1500s and be a billionaire. I’d clean out their cupboards and tour around as if I was God.
You can purchase We Are Scientists new album, Mexaplex April 27th, 2018.


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