The Magic Gang Release ‘Alright’ Debut Album

The Magic Gang Release ‘Alright’ Debut Album
Brighton quartet The Magic Gang release their debut album and it’s ‘Alright’.
Self-titled, and a combination of months of single releases- including soppy favourite, ‘Alright’- the album is good but a tad underwhelming. This is frustrating from The Magic Gang and the lack of dramatic departure from anything we have been hearing from them since they began is pretty much what this entire album is.
However, there are a handful of technical advances within the production that have removed them from the synthy sound and has progressed them into sounding more like a band in a studio as opposed to a band through a computer. Yay!
With a youthful innocence behind them, they sing about (mainly) heartbreak, girls and all other unoriginal topics but their tracks are as bright and flavoured as Mac Demarco’s. Opener, ‘Oh Saki’ is splashy, easy-listening and harmless (like the whole album). But with a wealth of followers highly anticipating this debut, perhaps the expectation was too high. However, there is nothing remarkably exciting about the final-outcome.
The optimistic and bubbly rhythms fill the album with colour and it can’t go unnoticed how more British sounding this album is in comparison to their singles. Not only due to the true, indie rhythms but the change in pronunciation throughout songs such as, ‘All This Way’. However, tracks, ‘Getting Along’ and ‘Your Love’ show a true British sound that fits right into the cannon that is going to fire The Magic Gang into the success they deserve.


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