James Baxter Plays First 2018 Headline Show

James Baxter Plays First 2018 Headline Show
James Baxter is a Southampton musician with his music showing a fondness towards empathy, masturbation and love. Tonight, he plays Heartbreakers for his first headline show of 2018 as the fans ripple through the door to watch his bewitching blend of the pleasant and the dirty.
Flooded with a volley of colourful, border-pushing tracks presenting our political climate and society truths, Baxter is filling the music scene with his ever-growing talent and unique sense of identity. Visually, we are presented with a man and his guitar, but the feelings that are drawn out are exceptional. Normally, Baxter is a one man show, tonight he is joined by his sister, Hannah on harmonies and Marc Burford (Echotape) on guitar and harmonies. With Baxter’s perfectly crafted formula not requiring additional layers to make it as special as it is, tonight the two friends are a beautiful, finishing touch.
The seamless flow from song to song brings us on an addictive journey having us laughing or hurting alongside the songwriter. ‘Auto Erotic’ has the crowd laughing at the dark humour whilst ‘Soap and Water’ is the dramatic departure that leaves us wanting more. Baxter returns to a welcomed encore and plays ‘A Little Bit of Everything’, a cover of Dawes. However, the song is filled with beauty and could easily be confused as a Baxter original. Avoiding all gimmicks, Baxter is truthful, exciting and building up a wealth of followers. The character and personality present in each track provides a welcomed tonic to his refined sound. He really is one of a kind.
Image: Rhona Murphy Photography


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