Strange Cages Bring Reptile-Punk to Southampton

Strange Cages Bring Reptile-Punk to Southampton
Brighton’s take on psychedelic rock comes in the form of Strange Cages. Armed with glitter, velvet, and a touch of reptile-style punk, this three-piece bring a feel of sleaze and style to their take of grunge rock ‘n’ roll.
They bring a haunting twist to the sound of the 60s dream accompanied by vocals dry with thirst and longing to be heard; there is something quite glamorous about Strange Cages. Whether it’s their trendy outfits, odd techniques or rather unpleasing yet satisfying sound, I don’t know. But it works.
The set starts off stronger than the end with the grunge, dessert sounds becoming too similar to the previous songs, however the impeccable energy of drummer, Ellis Dickinson is unmissable and his quirky style steals the show. The long-limbed technique of Dickinson is oddly satisfying and the speed in which his mile-long arms move is rather impressive leaving me questioning how he hasn’t ended up in a knot by the end of the set. Think grungy, cheese string on drums. And everybody loves a cheese string.
Image: Todd McConnochie Visuals


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