New York Rock ‘n’ Rollers Preview Second Album

New York Rock ‘n’ Rollers Preview Second Album
New York, home to The Strokes, Blondie and a plethora of leather wearing bands. Public Access T.V. are one of the newest bands to join that gang. With the success of their debut album, Never Enough under their belts, the four-piece are back playing shows promoting their new album, Sweet Safari out tomorrow (23rd February).

The Dead Freights are the first support tonight. The Southampton four-piece share similarities to The Libertines and The Beatles with their onstage relationships and tasteful meoldies captivating those lucky enough to have come down early for their set. Irish trio, Whenyoung are the final support tonight, after joining the New Yorkers for a handful of their shows already. A rather obvious comparison, due to unmissable imagery similarities, is Wolf Alice but a nicer, fluffier version. With vocalist and bassist, Aoife Power’s showing a sugary side to this band whilst retaining a humble stage presence, Whenyoung are tipped for big things.
They say the kids don’t like rock ‘n’ roll anymore,” sings PATV vocalist, John Eatherly. Which is ironic as the crowd seem to be loving Public Access T.V.’s take on rock ‘n’ roll. Capturing the sound of giddy, early-20s life and giving space throughout the set for each song to individually gleam, Public Access T.V. are tagged by NME as “one of the most underrated bands of this decade”.
They take to the stage in front of nearly a half-full Joiners on a Wednesday night. Whilst playing some favourites from their debut that was listed in NME and Rough Trades Top Albums of 2016, the band also play teasers of their second album as Eatherly states, “This is a new, new one” before playing songs off Sweet Safari. The new tracks don’t venture too far away from the groove so apparent in album one however, there is a more striking sound making it possible to differentiate between the old songs and the new. With a less-is-more approach, the set at times feels a little too laid back however, I’m sure this is part of the casual image these New Yorkers want projected.


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