Insecure Men Release Debut Album

Insecure Men Release Debut Album
It seems everything Saul Adamczewski touches turns to gold dust. With the success of The Moonlandingz and Fat White Family under his second-hand belt, Adamczewski is back armed with a group- ranging from seven to eleven- bringing us the debut album from Insecure Men.
The project started in The Queens Head, a South-London pub in which Adamczewski met Childhood frontman, Ben Romans-Hopcraft. The album is a hypnotic dream that can only be described as a haunting lullaby you wouldn’t want to fall asleep too. Recorded in New York with Sean Lennon, the lazed tone and unsettling synths all bear snarling similarities to Fat White Family, and the bizarre pairing of Adamczewski and Romans-Hopcraft isn’t too much of a dramatic departure either.
Adamczewski is a man who avoids all gimmicks. With understated technological advances found in this debut, it’s clear that he is still churning out art. Whilst retaining its own unsettling identity, Insecure Men is still clearly work of Adamczewski and plays a part in 2018’s cultural fabric. Once you scratch beneath the unpleasant surface, it reveals Insecure Men as another piece of art.


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