Franz Ferdinand Are Back

Franz Ferdinand Are Back!
‘Always Ascending’ Album Review
14 years since their critically acclaimed debut album, Franz Ferdinand are back with their fifth album and have stuck to their aim of making ‘music girls can dance too’. Being a band that have spent their career surprising fans with new sounds, new directions and lack of pigeon holing, it will come as no surprise that Always Ascending is another sharp turn Franz have taken whilst retaining their unique sense of identity.
The flamboyant rhythms and persistent keyboard approach explore the diverse directions Franz Ferdinand aren’t afraid to venture down. The album is riddled with tasteful shifts and shaping sounds that define what they are all about. Whilst keeping the articulate vocals layered over tasteful, simple beats, this album is certainly one to dance too. Track, ‘Huck and Jim’ proves that they are still capable of the catchy, grimy indie-pop we all know and love them for but with a modern, dance twist. Yet, creating an album to follow their successful, era-defining career was always going to be a challenge however, Always Ascending has done a mighty good job. Obviously, no Franz album will ever top You Could Have It So Much Better but this album shows that the music has matured and developed along with the band.
By sticking to their true, indie-band reputation as well as that dance sound they are almost too familiar with now, Always Ascending acts as a representation of their current state. After waving good bye to their original guitarist, Nick McCarthy Franz Ferdinand have created a revival of their founding principal, ‘make dance music, but play it as a raw band’. This album sees the Scottish five-piece rinsing the use of synths and an overall disco coat making this album a fun replica of the atmosphere they aimed to create.
With the album being all played with instruments still, it could be argued that the music gets lost throughout the synths and electric spin. With instruments being quite hard to pick out at times, perhaps Franz are heading too far down a disco route. However, the album contains song after song that are destined to be make it onto club playlists everywhere.


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