Blinders Sweat New Album Teasers Over Southampton

Blinders Sweat  New Album Teasers Over Southampton
With the UK’s music scene becoming more fertile by the minute, squeezing out replica after replica of your average pop music that dominates the charts, The Blinders are a breath of rather stale, potent air puking out their tormented ‘punkadelic’ sounds with a message for their audience.
Armed with war paint yet still rather well dressed, the Manchester trio consisting of Thomas, Charlie and Matt play The Joiners on a Monday night. Whilst teasing their upcoming album, due out around the end of Autumn, we get a treat of what this trio can spew out. Whether you are into the political, left-winged messages The Blinders are preaching/screaming about or whether you are into their grungy melodies consisting of repetitive basslines and crashing drum beats, its is unarguable that there is nothing underwhelming about this band.
‘Swine’, the band’s first and most known single is the real crowd pleaser. The specifically bizarre pairing of young, well dressed guys smeared in war paint singing about topics such as police brutality makes for an interesting combination. ‘I Can’t Breathe Blues’ (ICB Blues) is the harrowing track about the death of Eric Garner because of New York police. The studio version includes the police recording of, “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe” and this track gets the attention it deserves tonight with the lyrics being listened too as well as being enjoyed for the great grunge track it is.
Inspired by beat poets and literature, and after a rather amusing interview with them and finding out they are fans of Scissor Sisters, it came as no shock when their lyrics provide a splash of gin to the tonic melodies. The set is short, addictive and leaves me wanting more. With an album on the horizon and a sincere, live reputation that is heading them in the right direction, I can only recommend The Blinders for anyone up for a night of blood, sweat and fears.  

Photography: Rhona Murphy


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