Band Of The Moment: Gaffa Tape Sandy

Band Of The Moment: Gaffa Tape Sandy
Track: Beehive
FFO: White Stripes, Pixies, Thee Oh Sees and Idles
Formed in 2015, Gaffa Tape Sandy are the bizarre garage rock/punk band making a racket from Bury St Edmunds. With an ever-growing popularity due to their live gig reputation and each member’s “undying love for music that makes you want to move around and punch your best friend in the head” Gaffa Tape Sandy are ones to watch for 2018.
Most recent single, ‘Beehive’ (Antigen Records) is proof of their own mentality and approach towards music making. The slithers of punk interlaced with a DIY aesthetic dive deep into the volley of hazardous and boundary pushing sounds. Pixies and Thee Oh Sees wrap their influences round Gaffa Tape Sandy like a python squeezing the best out of them, whilst the three-piece retain their own disturbing identity.
“I’m in the bathroom,” chants vocalist Kim Jarvis, “Waiting for you to come and apologise to me…” as the virtuous grimace of the beat and backing vocals make this song one to get messy too.

Image: Barnaby Cutter 


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