We Will, We Will...BLOCK YOU!

We Will, We Will….BLOCK YOU!

I know, not really news worthy. With the UK’s politics going to shit, the NHS crippling under the wrath of Theresa May, the fact Trump is STILL in power, and celebrities sexually assaulting more people than I can count - you would think May would have more important topics to moan about.

The term ‘Diva’ is thrown around more often that it should. I won’t go into why I find SEXIST suggestions linger around this word however, the connotations that regrettably come with the phrase are, whiney, demanding, and rude. Unfortunately, Mr May, you fall under all those categories.

May posted a picture of himself without giving the photographer their deserved credit. The photographer, Barbara Krermer reported the image to Instagram and the image was removed and account suspended. This is a standard procedure.
Yes, yes we know everyone is prone to forgetting, or making mistakes as we are all human (despite how big our hair is or how underwhelming our guitar performances can be). However, this is May’s (childish and naïve) response alongside vowing to remove her from any of his concerts,

“How RUDE! I’m usually very careful to credit anyone whose photos I post – but in this case, at the end of the day, I must have forgotten.”

“So, rather than write to me and say, ‘Dear Brian – you seem to have forgotten to credit me on this picture’, this person – Barbara Kremer is her name – reported me to Instagram and they not only took the picture down but disabled my whole account until I’d dealt with the issue – which took about 45 minutes of my time that I could not afford because the link refused to work on my phone.”

OK, firstly, I don’t know the Queen legend’s bank situation, but he is sure to have 45-minutes of time affordable to lose. Let’s not forget, he had time to go through old pictures, choose one, edit it and post it. And don’t get me started on how much time he probably spends on his hair each morning. Contacting Instagram and explaining the expansion of the debate wasn’t too much of a bank-breaker. So that part of the argument just flopped.
Secondly, he states, “So, rather than write to me” and seems to stupidly think that getting a response in the time-period Kremer required was possible. In the time that picture was online, who knows how many people had seen, shared and screenshotted. Kremer deserves an entire audience of people knowing who took that photo- not just the late viewers.

And finally, CONGRATULATIONS BARBARA KREMER! With this unnecessary spotlight created by May’s strop, you have received more credit than you could have ever visualised.

Mr May, no matter how famous you are, please, please remember to credit those making you look good online as you sure aren’t doing a great job on your own.
 Image: Getty Images http://www.express.co.uk/news/nature/703115/Queen-legend-Brian-May-Government-badger-cull-disgrace


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