Tigercub- Not a Headline Band Just Yet

Tigercub- Not a Headline Band Just Yet
Tigercub Live Review (+Toreador +Cassels) Joiners 16/10/17
Under the general definition of ‘cool’, I guess you would say Brighton three-piece, Tigercub are pretty cool. They dress quite grungy, but their drummer shows off his big, bulky arms in the form of a strappy top, and the music they play is heavy yet collected. And if that’s not enough, a lot of their promo-pics are in black and white and we all know that’s bad-ass. However, some spark is missing from their set at The Joiners. After seeing them a few months back supporting Pulled Apart By Horses and absolutely loving them, I can only say I am a tad underwhelmed by them this time round. But don’t ask me what is missing- as I have no fucking clue. The crowd are rowdy, the support bands are ace (I shall get onto them in a second) and Tigercub themselves play well and put on a good show, but something still feels rather empty. Yet, I still enjoy it.
Are you confused? Me too.
Toreador are the first support (should be main support but hey!) and put on a brilliant rock show that ticks EVERY box. The drumming from Rob Purkiss is sharp, consistent, and straight to the point all whilst reflecting the drumming style found in Rage Against the Machine. Not only are Toreador tight, but this Southampton three-piece bring a dirty atmosphere that should be the dirty atmosphere of the main support band. Cassels are the final support of the night and bring a mixture of sounds to the stage. I like them- I think. One major aspect that bugs me about this London duo is the mess; I get the whole punk armour however at times it feels a little forced and comes across rushed. But I can’t lie, I enjoy it at certain times and I like The Streets-style vocals. I just can’t stand the mix of tempos and attempt at replicating that punk sound that has already been done over and over again.
Right, back to Tigercub. Where was I? Ah yes. Underwhelmed yet unsure why. Tigercub had a relatively successful debut in 2016 (and by ‘successful’ I mean their social media presence boomed as that is success these days) and the Brighton-boys play a mixture of these tracks alongside some newbies from their latest E.P, Evolve Or Die. These new tracks fit perfectly with the bands current back catalogue and contain the same grunge allure but with a rougher twist and a heavier weight. But two days on, I am still unable to pin-point what it was that I felt was missing from the gig. Maybe I just see them as a support band? Maybe I was just tired? Maybe I’ll have an EUREKA! moment and realise what was missing in a couple days’ time. But until then, rest assured, I don’t think they are a headline band just yet.
Image taken by: Jodie Canwell


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