Superfood Live Review (The Joiners) 5/10/17

Superfood Live Review

Three years since their debut, ‘Don’t say That’, Birmingham group Superfood have gained themselves a new label, Dirty Food and cut their band down to only two remaining members in the shape of Dominic Ganderton and Ryan Malcolm. After seeing Superfood a few years back, I can only comment on how the charisma and high-ability from previous bassist, Emily Baker was noticeably missing this time round. Despite the missing personality from Baker, Ganderton makes up for the absent charm and filled the room with endless energy despite not really moving on the stage at all.

Superfood released album, ‘Bambino’ earlier this month which translates in Italian to, “little-boy”. Quite fitting with an album that shows Superfood have no intention of growing up as a result of their sound not maturing from the dreamy, Brit-pop noise found in their earlier album. The 90s nostalgia is present in both records and all their live show tonight oozes originality. The young audience this Birmingham two-piece drag down is a perfect combination with the youthful sound projected by Superfood. The cartoonish elements found in more recent tracks from their latest album, ‘Bambino’ are received with open arms by their young crowd whilst their more grungier tracks found in debut such as, ‘TV’ finally get some movement amongst the audience creating that disgusting, gig-sweat odour.

Superfood leave the stage after about an hour of standing still and playing their latest album before returning and playing crowd-favourite, ‘Superfood’. I mean, it would be rude to not play the song that put their name on the map. The final track was the soundtrack to the last dance of the night and left everyone, myself included, singing that ever-so catchy chorus on the way home. Despite their sound not changing dramatically and their shows being pretty much the same as they were back in 2014, Superfood are a band that do exactly what it says on the tin- an infectious injection of melody and Brit-pop nostalgia in the form of bubbly dream pop.
Not everyone’s cup of tea but not too bad either.


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