'Soap and Water' James Baxter // Single Review

“Just Wipe It Up and Start Again”
James Baxter ‘Soap and Water’ Single Review
Waking up this afternoon with slight heartache, hungover and feeling rather grubby, there is no other song that perfectly accompanies every feeling currently existing in my body. ‘Soap and Water’ is the new single from James Baxter and his first track to be released through new label, Mi7 Records.  The song takes you on Baxter’s “path to self-destruction” as his shadowy conscience flows through this eloquent yet dark song. With the track’s hook, “the Lord said to keep it clean, but it takes more than soap and water to clean me” being peppered with dark connotations, it perfectly matches to the singles artwork which shows a sink and used tissues proving that it really does take more that soap and water to wash away Baxter’s mentioned sins.
The achingly honest song-writing technique makes Baxter not only endearing but scarily relatable to anyone with a guilty shadow. The song that’s riddled with confessions and honest anecdotes from this Southampton musician shows that he really has mastered the skill of creating a beautiful song out of such melancholy subject matters. Baxter also touches upon the subject of objectifying “girls as whores” and turning them “into pounds and pence” before asking his listeners “how old were you when it still made sense?”. The current topics mentioned by Baxter accompanied by his grubby confessions and outlooks make for an intelligent song and one not for the delicate ears of the young. However, it could be argued that whilst their ears are easily influenced, it may be a good time to start playing them some excellent, honest song-writing.
Fuck it.
Play it to your kids.


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