Mystic Peach- Southampton's Psychedelic Gift

Mystic Peach- Southampton’s Psychedelic Gift
Southampton born, bread and buttered, Mystic Peach premiered their debut single, ‘Downtown’ on So Young earlier this week.
There’s nothing mysterious about this band. With their hearts on their sleeves through the expression of psychedelic indie, Mystic Peach are the most recent offering from Southampton. Crafted in their bedroom, ‘Downtown’ is a quirky mix of indie and that fuzzy, dot stuff you see in the sky when you rub your eyes too hard- replicating a sound not too dissimilar from Mac De Marco. The new track is twangy, sweet and a fun blend show-casing what’s to come for this three-piece. The dreamy vocals mixed with the loser-esque exterior aid Mystic Peach in their quest to bring something new to the table.
Mystic Peach are already starting to create a name for themselves in the Southampton area, playing live show after live show and supporting bands such as, Lice and Vinyl Staircase. Here are their next dates:
22nd October: Portsmouth Psych
31st October: Heartbreakers (Southampton)
9th November: Talking Heads (Southampton)
11th November: The Wave Maiden (Portsmouth)


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