Single Review: The Americas

‘Somethings Gonna Happen’ for The Americas…and it’s gonna be huge
The Americas describe themselves as “music to ride a motorcycle too” and as strange as that might sound, listen to them and I dare you to disagree.
To mark the end of their whirlwind of a summer, The Americas have released new track, ‘Somethings Gonna Happen’ taken from their EP set to be released January ’18. By going on this single alone, the EP is already promising to be a good one. With Bob Dylan sounding vocals, the sudden burst of harmonica and a true rock ‘n’ roll attitude that’s missing from a lot of mainstream music today, this song is a perfect representation of The Americas. The band claim to be influenced by impossible dreams and driven by the romance of struggle and this ideology shines through in this track; the song specifically is about “dreaming boldly and having the hard-nose tenacity to stay on course despite which way the river flows”.
With a pure rock ‘n’ roll sound and taking inspirations from some of music’s finest lyricists (Dylan, Young, and Cohen) The Americas are on to something big.


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