Joy Room // Live Review

Joy Room // Live Review
The Alex - 13/9/17
Wednesday 13th saw Joy Room, the band starting to cause murmurs amongst the streets of London, come and grace the stage at The Alex in Southampton. Mystic Peach are the first support of the night and surprisingly, this is their first ever gig. This Southampton three-piece showcased some indie numbers with a Swim Deep twang alongside their tasteful drum beats that really helped add a steady core to their tracks; this all creates the potential of an exciting future for Mystic Peach.
The Dead Freights are the final support for the evening and always have the promise of bringing a large crowd to their shows. With the sound coming from this four-piece showing resemblance to The Libertines, The Beatles and The Doors, it comes as no surprise that they are one of Southampton’s favourite live bands. With rock ‘n’ roll being the main sound and attitude from The Dead Freights, the final coating of perfectly executed harmonies from front men Charlie James and Robert Franklin adds a touch of Lennon and McCartney to their performance. The charisma that shines through each member and each individual relationship is something rare in bands today and adds the final layer of delight to any Dead Freights show.
Joy Room took to the stage shortly after spending their night mingling amongst their fans and watching the supports. Their set contained favourites such as ‘What’s Your Number?’ and ‘Down’ that possess qualities similar to The Vaccines and lesser known band, The Bay Rays. The hard-hitting guitar strikes at the opening of most tracks make Joy Room a student-style indie-rock band packed with musical energy and fast-paced vocals. The combination of rock, indie and pop created a unique sound that fashioned a cool atmosphere around it and with a surprisingly stripped down SoundCloud page plus this four-piece showcasing some new numbers this evening, it only branches the idea that new music releases could be soon. With Joy Room’s previous singles previewed by DIY and Clash all whilst capturing the attention of BBC Introducing and Radio 1, their new music can’t come quick enough.


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