Dead Pretties: The Band Leading London's Underground Music Scene

Dead Pretties: The Band Leading London’s Underground Music Scene
“People are stupid enough as it is, don’t encourage them”
The name ‘Dead Pretties’ screams grunge wrath and lingers around it a sweaty musk of teenage angst. With debut single, ‘Social Experiment’ aiding Dead Pretties in becoming arguably one of the most talked about bands in the underground London music scene, this trio continue to lure in their ever growing fan base by releasing new single ‘Confidence’.
A debut headline tour is fast approaching and after supporting bands such as The Orwells and Drenge, to say this tour is going to be history in the making may not be a lie. The horizon is looking bright and boozy for this London trio with the knowledge that their live shows are as chaotic as their songs. With this new track containing everything you would expect from a band with the name Dead Pretties, it seems this trio have managed to pack in a punk backbone and fuzzy rock combination topped off with the grimiest bass line they could get away with.
Regarding inspiration for the track, frontman Jacob Slater states, “The public is being de-intellectualised by certain outlets of the western media, who choose the easy path of reporting on bum implants and racists when they know they have the power to shift the focus of the public eye. The worrying thing is because the general public on such a regular basis consumes it; people have become addicted to wanting to know more about the Kardashians of the World. That makes these people powerful role models. I’m opposed to the idea that rattling like a near empty tin should be an example of how to live one’s life. People are stupid enough as it is, don’t encourage them.”
With their live shows being as exciting and messy as each track they release, Dead Pretties are ones to get boozy too. Their venomous songs, rough crowds and impact that’s destined to stay with you forever prove that Dead Pretties are clearly on their way to big things.
Image: GigSlutz


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