Band of the Moment- Johnny Kills

Band of the Moment- Johnny Kills
Debut Single ‘Let’s Talk About Me’
Forget the election for a moment. Let’s talk about something fast-paced and exciting, ‘Let’s Talk About Me’. Well, not me despite that being a favourite topic of mine. However, garage-surf trio, Johnny Kills have released their debut single, ‘Let’s Talk About Me’ and it’s one that sits perfectly in the garage, skater sounds that FIDLAR revived in 2009. With This Feeling describing this trio as “cool as fuck”, it will come as no surprise why when you hear their debut single.
Basing themselves in Brighton, London and York (or anywhere brave enough to let them in), their ferocious sounds mixed with the piss-up style tempos make for a fresh noise designed to be the track you enjoy life too with a beer in hand (obviously). Vocalist, Tim Lloyd-Kinnings states, “’Let’s Talk About Me’ is about the frustrations of hanging out with people who spend the whole evening talking about themselves, before realising you kinda just want to talk about yourself too”. The track was produced by Alex Greaves (Colour of Spring, Avalanche Party), so the song is clearly one to get pissed too. With Greaves working with this band, it highlights that they are sure to be great live too as his reputation so far shows he works alongside bands who know how to put on a show.
With a drum beat designed to drag you through the darkest of times and indulge you into a sense of teenage-angst, yet an enjoyable one that is there to be shared with like-minded people, Johnny Kills are the band to get sweaty to this Summer. With the trio mastering a ferocious racket combined with an alternative assault of guitar playing, their sound is one that reflects the sound of your teenage years spent in a mosh.
Get ready to move and hold on to your beer. Johnny Kills are on their way through.




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