This Feeling Review (Sugarmen, Paves, The Manatees, Calum Lintott) 5/5/17

This Feeling Review 5/5/17
Sugarmen, The Manatees, Paves, Calum Lintott
This Feeling are gaining a growing reputation for their popular club nights that give a platform to some of the best upcoming bands from all around the U.K. Friday night at The Joiners proved another success story under their belt and showcased talent from all parts of the country. Not only is there a free JD and coke upon entry for the early birds, but the night always promises exploding talent for everyone present.
Calum Lintott was first on the bill and is a singer/songwriter from Southampton. Tonight, he was backed by his band who gave him some 3D aspects to the performance making it a much more enjoyable show. With a typical indie vocal sound mixed with some repetitive drumming, making dancing an easy task, it’s clear that Lintott has fitted well into the popular, cheesy-indie sound in the music industry today. The lyrics were simple pop-style rhymes that created a harmless image, making the performance something that younger fans will enjoy. “You are my pin up girl, let me take you for a twirl, show you all the secrets that I have” was the simplistic chorus sung over The Sherlocks style, happy-indie melody.
With This Feeling describing second band, Paves as, “Top class musicians with top class songs to boot", the self-proclaimed rock ‘n’ roll band from London easily lived up to that description. The irony of this performance was that Paves played The Joiners this day last year, alongside The Dead Freights and Cassava. 1 year on: the impeccable drumming from Tom Triggs combined with a mesmerizing performance and equally as mesmerizing backing vocals from Perry Read, make it no wonder that this four-piece are starting to cause a stir in the music industry. The band show-cased their latest single, ‘Baby’ released May 5th on This Feeling Records. The feel-good melody was greeted with the heart-warming vocals from Luke Shield. With the drumming desperate to be greeted by typical rock ‘n’ roll guitar solos, the London quartet did not disappoint. The solos were interrupted by the typical, indie melodies designed to get everyone moving. Track ‘Dancing ‘Til The End Of Time’ is the raunchy Paves song, designed to create a sensual aura around it. The raunchy climax of the set left the name, Paves in everyone’s minds.
The Manatees were next and are a four-piece, indie band from Southampton. With the band looking barely 17 years old, they dragged the largest crowd down with them. The inoffensive melodies greeted by the simplistic vocal style replicated that of a softer Circa Waves. Touching upon subjects of heart break and social media, it instantly made this four-piece relatable to the young audience that had come to see them. With the vocals replicating a James Bay meets Mumford and Sons, the style was received well by the audience. ‘Pissed on Prosecco’ was their stand out track and saw fans singing along all throughout the room. The songs are simple stories designed to narrate young teen’s memories.
Sugarmen were the headliners tonight and are a Liverpool four-piece. With Huw Stephens showing a fondness of Sugarmen, giving them a couple plays on Radio 1, it became apparent that their sound, like the others tonight, sits perfectly in the popular sounds of today. With harmless indie being the popular music consumption, especially in the upcoming scene, it came as no surprise when the evening got such a positive response. Their sound echoed Milburn meets Babystrange, with Liverpudlian twangs. They show-cased a blistering performance of indie-riffs over the tempo increasing drums, all coated with northern lyrics. The infectious melodies created a dent in our idea of simplistic indie and pulled a wide knowledge and inspiration of music into one band. Sugarmen.
Photos Rhona Murphy Photography


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