Judas Interview

Judas are one of the most exciting bands around. With This Feeling backing them all the way, it’s no wonder they filled out The Joiners, Saturday night. After bagging a slot on the main stage at Leeds festival last year they are now playing almost every big festival under the sun, with the support of their ever-growing fan base. I caught up with them above The Joiners prior to their show to talk London, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Coldplay.
Where’s James?
John: We can start without him, he’s boring.
OK. You’re all originally from different areas of the U.K. yet you all live together in London. What made you base yourself in London?
John: That’s where we all met.
Sam: We didn’t join and then go, “Let’s move to London”. Like, we just met there.
John: These were all at uni and I’d just moved there then yeah, I found these boys about the place, on the street. And now we all live together.
John, you’re from Liverpool. How does the music scene in London differ from Liverpool?
John: We’ve all done the music thing in our own town and it’s definitely a lot easier to get your foot in the door in London. You can have a gig every night in London. When we first started, we were doing like three/four gigs a week in London. But in Liverpool there is only like three/four venues worth playing in.
Last year you were called upon last minute to play main stage at Leeds. How did that come about?
John: One of the bands had to pull out last minute, um, Parkway Drive. We were just setting up to go play the Jack Rocks stage and the festival organisers had heard about us and came to see if we were free or whatever. They were like there’s another slot in like half an hour. So, when you finish if you fancy doing the main stage. So, we played and they were all waiting at the side of the stage to take all our gear and drive us to the main stage. Within half an hour/ 40 minutes, we were on stage again.
How was the crowd response when they were expecting Parkway Drive?
Todd: Well, they are a fucking massive metal band.
Sam: You know that little app you get at R+L that says when things change it said, “this band has been changed to Judas”.
John: Someone probably looked at the names on the bill and thought who could we get. I like Judas, they sound like a metal band! But it was full, everyone was loving it. When we started, there was actually less people than by the time we finished.
Apart from that one obvious example, what’s been a stand out moment in your career so far?
John: To be fair, the week before we were playing YNot Festival and the same thing happened. We ended up playing in a fucking massive tent to thousands of people. That was fucking mad!
Todd: I liked Soccer AM. That was pretty wicked.
In reviews, you get compared to U2 and Coldplay a lot. Was that intentional? Do you channel your inner Bono before each gig?
John: We don’t go for that. We just write what comes out naturally and I think people hear the delayed guitar. It’s a common sound.
Todd: I think it’s more like atmospheric stuff which obviously, people then look at Coldplay.
John: It’s mainly just the classic song writing and big choruses that we strive for.
Todd: There’s a reason they’ve been doing it for so long.
John: We’re not insulted by it. It’s better than sounding like fucking Jedward.
Sam: Or Take That.
What do you guys take inspiration from and what are you listening too on your tour bus?
James: U2 and Coldplay (laughs)
Right, to end the interview we are going to have a quick-fire round of questions related to previous song titles of yours.
John: This is the best interview.
‘Some People’ If you could pick one person dead or alive to sit down and write a song with, who would it be?
John: Um, maybe…
It’s not your turn yet. James is first.
John: Ooh, feisty one you are.
James: I’m gonna go with Elton John as I’d just let him do it and I’d watch.
John: I think Pharrell. But David Bowie would be great.
Sam: Andrew Lloyd Webber

John: Why?
Sam: Imagine if you had co-written the Lion King or something.
Todd: MJ. Got to be MJ.
John: He didn’t write his own tunes so that’s a bad idea. Sorry, this is meant to be quick fire and we are taking ages.
‘Call Me’
You’re picked to headline Leeds Festival. Who’s the first person you choose to ring and tell?
James: I don’t have many friends. Probably my Mum.
John: I’d like to pick someone and like impress them.
Like and ex-girlfriend?
John: Yeah! “Fuck you!!!” Actually, I’d call you babe.
‘Youth of the Young Age’
What young bands are you guys supporting at the moment?
John: We like Mint. They’re sound. They are our boys.
Todd: They were amazing.
John: I had a fight with them in my dream last night. They’re like Oasis from Scotland.
Todd: I really liked that Veluda Planes.
John: They were boss! They were twins and their harmonies were a fucking joke!
Todd: It was like the same voice- it was brilliant!


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