Avalanche Party Review 2/5/17

Avalanche Party / Deltorers / Speaking of Witches
Ritz Clothing Event

Bringing down northern bands causing a stir in the music industry seems to be the main ingredient in helping create punk gigs to remember. Rittz Clothing are a Southampton brand who are mastering this ideology and after having Strange Bones down just a week prior, Avalanche Party were the next band invited down to teach Southampton a thing or two about punk.

Speaking of Witches were the first support tonight and are a three-piece from Southampton combining the sounds of multiple genres but predominantly remaining typical rock. Opening track, ‘Roadblock’ was fuelled by tempo changes whilst the drumming from Jake Morter swiftly became the focus of the song.  Whether intentional or not, the dominating drumming created a hard atmosphere that started the night off with a bang. A following combination of grunge sounds, rock riffs and slight pop punk style vocals, made for a memorable set. Think Tigercub meets Foo Fighters…whilst on cocaine.

Deltorers were the final support for the night and are a three-piece, alternative rock band from Bournemouth. With their Facebook preaching, “think Mudhoney meets QOTSA”, they couldn’t have hit the nail more perfectly on the head. With their tracks being rage-fueled and with vocals that at times sounded like Thom Yorke (strange, but it worked), it’s no wonder Deltorers caused the stir they did. ‘I Guess We’ll Wait and See’ was easily the stand out track of the night. With a teasing tempo that unleased a burst of hot guitar riffs accompanied by Pulled Apart By Horses style vocals, it became clear that Deltorers are not afraid to make some noise.

Avalanche Party were the headliners and are a five-piece from Yorkshire who came down to Southampton with the intention to make a racket by combining their punk attitude with harsh garage sounds. With a mixture of YAK inspirations and slight hints of The Shimmer Band falling through, it became common knowledge that Avalanche Party are hitting the music industry full force, taking no prisoners. The pulse raising riffs found in ‘Revolution’ proved that these Northern anarchy-creators are ones to watch, and with a live performance as energetic as theirs, it will come as no surprise when they get the success they deserve. The furious tracks proved that this five-piece are destined for great things and with vocalist, Jordan Bell being the frontman most band’s wish they had, Avalanche Party are easily destined for great things. They are soon off to tour Europe with their energetic tracks that will cause a sense of urgency and panic amongst those not prepared for chaos.
The emergency and energy behind every lyric spat and every riff played filled the room with fearsome rock ‘n’ roll. Their live performance seemed like history in the making.

Photography : Rhona Murphy Photography


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