Pulled Apart By Horses (+Thee MVPs +Tiger Cub) 30.3.17

Pulled Apart By Horses // Talking Heads // 30.3.17
Finding a rock band with a real, rock attitude that are continuing to create increasingly good albums, could prove hard for some however, their solution is in the form of the messy-haired rockers taken straight from Leeds, Pulled Apart By Horses.
Support band, Thee MVP are a four-piece from London and bought a crashing sound of teenage-inspired grunge to the stage. With slight QOTSA sounds scratching through, the quartet also replicated some sounds of the main band tonight, PABH, much to the audience’s delight.
Tigercub were the second support and bought a keen following along with them. The Brighton three-piece bought a sense of 90s grunge to Talking Heads with their dirty sounds that replicated those found in The Wytches second album, ‘All Your Happy Life’. The suspense building songs, that contained a build-up of drum uncertainty and guitar twangs that could put anyone at unease were enough to switch off anyone’s brain and guide them into a world of grunge bliss.
With three albums already under their belt, alternative rock band Pulled Apart By Horses graced the stage of Talking Heads in Southampton to promote their fourth album, ‘The Haze’ released earlier this year. If you have ever been to a PABH show before, you will be aware that they can get a little hectic; this one was no different. The band played both new tracks and old, each one equally sending the place into a frenzy; they even threw in a Beatles cover with their own alternative-twist. With teenagers embodying the true spirit of PABH and violently moshing, throwing themselves into speakers and elbowing anyone in their path, vocalist, Tom Hudson shouted, “Shout out to all the girls in the audience just not giving a shit. Our gigs tend to get a bit ‘sausage-y’”.
A night of PABH always promises to contain bruises, beer and true, rock talent.
Once again, they did not disappoint.
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