Lucid Rising + Posh Ellen + Radlouse // Frog and Frigate Live Review

Lucid Rising + Posh Ellen + Radlouse
The Frog and Frigate
With The Frog and Frigate living up to the live-music reputation they've possessed since 1981, their line-up tonight included Radlouse, Posh Ellen and Lucid Rising, all making their Frog debut. With Lucid Rising and Radlouse coming from Portsmouth, Posh Ellen show-cased local, Southampton talent and stood out against all the other bands.
Radlouse were first on and echoed an early Wytches sound with the vocals from lead guitarist, Elliot, resembling that of Lemmy, Motorhead. It was a strange combination yet somehow worked rather well. Despite the pub being Southampton’s only spit and sawdust venue, allowing table standing, a bit of rough and tumble and some adventurous moves, Radlouse seemed to stay stationary. Although instruments could have been a restriction, the Portsmouth four-piece remained still despite having a wide window given to them by their grunge-fuelled, head-banging tracks all desperate to have some movement put in them.
Posh Ellen were the second band of the night and brought a sense of true rock attitude to the Frog. With their bassist, Ben Marks absent, the image of the temporary two piece helped replicate the Royal Blood sound that flows throughout each track. With other hints of Kings of Leon falling through a couple songs, highlighted by their ‘Molly’s Chambers’ cover, Posh Ellen managed to reflect multiple band’s sounds whilst still maintaining an original sound of their own. ‘My Little Space’ was their stand-out track due to the tantalising riffs and complex drumming that came across smooth, slick and made Posh Ellen the band of the night. With the landlords asking Posh Ellen to turn down their amp three times, each time vocalist Dan Page responded by turning it up, it was no wonder the crowd responded well to their rock attitude that is bound to get them far in this industry.
The final band were Portsmouth four-piece, Lucid Rising. With their opening track, ‘White Light’ initially resembling The Beach Boys, it easily became their best song of the set. The surfer twangs combined with the rock ‘n’ roll image made for a stimulating combination. Despite their songs starting the inevitable, stereotypical 60s dance moves amongst the crowd and getting almost everyone on their feet, The Beatles cover of ‘Yer Blues’ was questionable and could have been executed better. The cover didn’t quite live up to expectations and when choosing a song such as ‘Yer Blues’ to cover, it needs to be executed and held in the high regard it deserves. However, closing track, ‘I Get By’ had everyone moving along whilst the set had people enjoying the blues melodies and 60s vibes.
Frontman, Ben Parker embodied the front man characteristics needed to win over a crowd and flavoured the band’s rock ‘n’ roll sounds and blues hints; all doing so whilst possessing similar qualities and slight sound similarities to YAK frontman, Oli Burslem.
With the night being filled with grunge, rock and 60s rock ‘n’ roll, it was an evening to cater for all. The good music combined with cheap drinks made for a brilliant evening and one that should become a regularity at the Frog and Frigate.



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