Palma Violets Studio 180 Send Off

Palma Violets Studio 180 Send Off
With rumours of a Palma Violets split circulating over the last few months, the Lambeth four-piece instigated more conversation by announcing a last minute, private piss up in regards to the closing of Studio 180. The studio was home to the debut album that projected Palma Violets into the music scene and grabbed them a dedicated fan base.
With a Palma Violets split potentially on the horizon, the band sure will go out with a bang if that was their good-bye show. They kicked off the night with California Sun and the garage-rock sound that reflects the 60s excitement with a hint of punk sent the crowd into a violent mosh. The room was designed to hold about 20 people, yet Palma Violets packed it out with about 100 people all drunk and ready to dance. The Best Friends singers played a mixture of old songs and more recent ones before ending with vocalist, Sam Fryer shouting “We’ve not got any more songs to play”.
The busy atmosphere prior to the gig at The Pineapple Pub down the road was an insight to the events that were to occur throughout the rest of the evening. The drunken antics mixed with the cool attitudes of every attendee sculpted the night into a perfect send-off for the studio that held so many memories for both band and fans.
Despite no official statement from Palma Violets admitting to a split, the rumours continue to circulate. However, with their show being as tight as ever, the crowd loving it just as much as their first ever gig and the songs being adored as if they were life-anthems, it would be a shame to see the four-piece go. But if they do, they sure went out with a bang.


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