Twin Peaks (+Minister +Fever) 10.2.17

Twin Peaks (+Minister +Fever) Joiners Live Review
Chicago’s favourite indie band, Twin Peaks were set to grace the stage of The Joiners Friday night, and saw ticket sales soar at a rapid pace. With a good size crowd coming down early for local support bands, Minister and Fever, it was proof that support for local talent wasn’t as rare as it is sometimes considered.

Minister were the first support and are an alternative indie 4-piece from Southampton. Their modest performance was met with the unbelievable energy of the audience. Their set opening was a suspense building intro that riled the crowd up into a full of dance/mosh/whatever you want to call it that didn’t end until Minister left the stage. Their catchy indie-pop tunes bared resemblance to Circa Waves and later Arctic Monkeys before the end of their set went down a rockier Vaccines route. Minister were adored by the whole crowd that saw teenagers slamming into each other and one perfume bottle come hurtling out of the crowd.

Fever were next on and are another 4-piece from Southampton. Despite the two guys sat on the stage facing the WRONG way, the rest of the audience managed the basic task of looking at the stage before the chaos erupted again. After seeing and reviewing Fever multiple times and in fear of repeating the same review again, it’s safe to say, each time I see them, they grow on me more and more. Their song ‘Sucker’ is 90% catchy chorus and pulled me into singing along; each song they played resembled either Oasis, Arctic Monkeys or Black Keys. So really, their sound isn’t something out of the ordinary; I still enjoyed Fever though and am more pulled into their magnetic force each time I see them.

Twin Peaks came on shortly after and dove into their set head-first. The Chicago based band brought a mix of Orwells and FIDLAR to the stage with their chaotic, stoner attituded reflected in their music and care-free stage presence. With each member looking a tad tipsy and Colin Croom, keys, guitar, and all round talented magician, owning the stage like he was born to be on it, Twin Peaks had the audience eating out the palm of their hands.
By sharing vocals throughout the set, it kept the audience on their toes. Everyone was singing along and dancing to this special American-indie band. ‘Flavor’ was their standout track and saw the crowd go mental. The upbeat, rock ‘n’ roll twist they spun on our idea of ‘indie’ made it a refreshing moment and the stand out track of the night.

Overall, Twin Peaks bought chaos and madness to an average Friday night (and made me 40 minutes late for work). Their captivating stage presence and almost punk-attitude projected them as the naughty boys at school that have become successful in the industry anyone would love to be in.
Perfect Friday night.
Also, kudos to the guy that jumped off the stage and wasn’t caught.
That one looked painful.


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